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All the answers of the most common questions related to gold and metal detectors

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about gold and metal detectors

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about gold and metal detectors

The discovery of gold is one of the oldest habits that occupied humankind, this passion towards acquiring the most valuable thing in existence

Start searching for it in the simplest ways and techniques, using wood or fabric … etc.

After the development of this technology, even in the simplest forms of searching in it, many questions about gold and its existence, and how to obtain it in these ways, are on the minds of many

Let’s see and review the most important and common of these questions


Technical questions

Discover metal detectors?

This is a difficult kind of external factor. On the fact that 90% of discoveries will be close to the surface, not many people appear to know the details


Can metal detectors detect deep ore gold?

Although all detectors can detect gold, some are specifically designed for gold prospecting. People often ask how deep a gold detector such as the Minelab GPX 5000 can detect


What will the rock fingerprint detector detect?

The detector will capture all kinds of metals including gold, silver, and other jewels, raw gold nuggets, coins, and relics! All metal detectors can identify and differentiate types of metals and you can set your detector to ignore certain metals. Some detectors and coils are made specifically to do a better job of prospecting for gold ore.


What is discrimination?

A metal detector can eliminate or “discard” certain types of metal. For example, you may want your detector to ignore all ferrous targets in an area full of junk. Or you may want to set your detector to find silver just to go after valuable old SA coins. Thus, your detector can ignore unwanted items such as bottle caps and also tell you what type of metal is under the coil.


What is the difference between pulse induction and pulse frequency oscillator?

The PI sends a high voltage pulse to the ground, where the metal is absent the voltage rise drops at a uniform rate. If the metal is present it will conduct some voltage within the metallic body itself and the time it takes for the pulse to drop to zero will decrease indicating the presence of metal. Pulse frequency is the simplest form where an alternating current is sent through the coil to the ground, the metal in the ground creates eddy currents from this alternating current and produces its magnetic field which can be detected by the second coil in the detector.


Can metal detectors find the missing link or lost house keys?

Yes, they can – but only if they are lost outdoors and you know the general area where they are lost. Metal detectors will not work indoors because the metals in the house structure and electric currents make the detector useless everywhere.


What is earth mineralization?

Earth metals can wreak havoc on some metal detectors under certain circumstances.


What is the relationship of the frequency with metal detectors?

Metal detector frequency plays a major role in technology. Learn all about this major consideration when making a purchase.


What are the best search systems for gold and metal detectors?

The best device system is determined according to the type and extent of the target, meaning if you are looking for archaeological treasures confined to a specific place that you know well, we will recommend the photogrammetry system because it is the most accurate. Survey large front distances of up to 2000 meters underground and a depth of more than 60 meters underground.

If you are looking for raw gold to depths close to the surface of the earth, then the electromagnetic sound system will be most suitable for you

And if you want groundwater detection devices, the best of them are the devices that work with the sensor system, because they allow you to have a great depth of up to 1200 meters underground, which is commensurate with the target, as the groundwater is often at great depths.


What is the best gold detector?

Many successful gold detectors have proven their efficiency in the performance and detection of many valuable targets, but we will highlight the latest of them, which is the German Cobra GX 8000 gold and metal detector.

The device worked with the copper skewers system, and this system is considered one of the best systems used in metal detection throughout the ages

The device contains 4 search systems, which facilitates the process of searching for the user and obtaining goals easily.

The device is characterized by containing a super ability, which is the breadth of the research field up to 2000 meters, a frontal range that helps to scan vast and open places, as well as difficult terrains such as mountains and valleys, and the device also reaches a depth of 50 meters below ground level, and this is the maximum depth that devices can reach Mineral exploration.

The device also contains 12 programs for the objectives to be searched for, such as golden treasures, raw gold, gold veins, silver, bronze, platinum, copper, iron, caves and voids, precious stones, diamonds.

In general, it is not possible to limit the number of questions about this field, nor the methods and principles on which gold detection depends. But we have listed the most important and most common ones about this field, which raises many inquiries and questions. Did you have them?


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