What are the most important methods of prospecting for gold? Various forms of prospecting for gold through the ages

What are the most important methods of prospecting for gold ?

What are the most important methods of prospecting for gold ?

Prospecting for deposits of mineral resources such as gold is not an easy process, due to the discovery of large deposits of them in the layers of the early ages. Several methods of prospecting for gold have been used. This article aims to mention all the traditional and modern gold prospecting methods used.

Studies have found that traditional gold prospecting methods include gold mining and dry washing. In addition, current gold prospecting methods include biological prospecting, geochemical prospecting, and geophysical prospecting methods.

gold prospecting

The lure of silver and gold provided the impetus for much of the mineral resource development industries in Western countries between 1850 and 1910. Over the years, prospectors carried out successful projects to meet the world’s growing industrial demand for gold and other mineral resources. So much so that the United States has issued laws prohibiting drilling in uninhabited deserts and mountains. It is clear that in the United States approximately one billion tons of materials are extracted from underground and surface sources annually!


Prospecting for gold by sitting for hours!!

One of the most ancient methods used to search for gold is to just sit with a fine sieve, on the bank of a river or stream, and wait for a nugget to get caught in this fortified trap. Even today, thousands of gold-seekers in North and South America spend hours a day in this position. We may have seen this phenomenon a lot in movies.

Do you succeed? It is luck, but it is not at all unlikely that you will get a gram or two every few days. Of course, after washing it and sifting it with the skill of the locals, to get rid of the stuck mud and feel its golden pulp before even that!


gold panning


Prospecting for gold by Bioprospecting

Bioprospecting is another method that has been used in detecting for gold. Bacteria, hummus, and plants have been successfully used as aids in metal detection. It has been argued that these bacteria and plants may assist prospectors under certain conditions in locating buried minerals.

In biological prospecting, many factors help research, but their main dependence is on the need of these plants and their very natural orientation to the sources of these minerals, so we see them gather somewhere, of course, under specific physical and chemical conditions.


gold mining

science and machine

It is a method of prospecting for gold that uses a dry washer. Basically, a dry washer is viewed as a waterless and short opening. The dry washer uses pulses of air through a porous medium to separate the gold from the sand. In a dry washer, the sifted gravel descends through sloping, cross-tube boxes. The bottom of the box is made of a fabric that finally receives the granules.

You may use a blower or other auxiliary air source.


geochemical prospecting

Density differences and the response of a substance or sample are based on a set of experiments, such as methods, enthusiasm, or simply weight. With exposure to a little heat. This method was adopted on its simplicity at the beginning of the customization of this industry, but with very simple techniques, later studied and developed for several machines and techniques.


geophysical prospecting

Another method that has been used in gold prospecting is geophysical prospecting. This method blends geology and physics to help prospectors explore both energy fuels and mineral deposits. There are many examples of geophysical prospecting such as geomagnetic surveys to search for gold deposits. It should be noted that there are five main methods of geophysical prospecting which include geoelectrical, seismic, radiometric, gravity, and magnetic which are commonly used in metal detection. Some applications of these technologies require expensive and complex tools as well as sophisticated processing techniques while others are said to be relatively inexpensive and simple.

In gold prospecting, magnetic techniques are used because modification gladly destroys magnetite in such a way that gold deposits are usually found in areas of magnetic calm. This means that the magnetic technique is particularly effective for mapping gold ore deposits.

Gold has been mined since ancient times. There have been many methods of prospecting for gold. These primitive prospecting methods have made a major contribution to the exploration and discovery of new goldfields as well as extensions of existing goldfields. However, it has been clear that modern gold prospecting and exploration have been largely driven by technology. For example, many of the discoveries of gold and other minerals from the 1950s can be attributed to geochemical and geophysical techniques devised by government and industry.

But with all this. Man’s patience, wisdom, and perhaps his need remains the only motive, and the founder of an industry that generates the world’s equivalent of two-thirds of his entire money!


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