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Best Metal Detector For Beginners

Best Metal Detector For Beginners

Best Metal Detector For Beginners

What is Metal Detector?

In order to know what is Best Metal Detector For Beginners ? you need to know first what is metal detector ?Metal detector is an electronic devices that used  to find or detect a buried metallic objects underground.

it can find objects such as coins, relics , jewelry like rings and collars and natural gold nuggets.

The beginner prospectors, who take metal detection as hobby not as profession.

require a simple easy to use metal detector at affordable price.

Here in this article we highlight some points about required features and properties

of beginners metal detectors.


What is the best metal detector for beginners?

Answering this question depends on the clarification of a set of points and ideas

because the best device for the beginner prospectors must provide a set of features

and certain characteristics to make it a viable and effective option for them.

Best metal detectors for beginners must contain features and characteristics that facilitate the work of the prospector .

here we will highlight some features that make any metal detector suitable for beginners :


The devices for novice prospectors must be reasonably priced and at affordable price for them.

especially since metal detectors can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Therefore it is important for the beginner to buy a device commensurate with its financial capabilities

does not mean buying the cheapest device, but the purchase of the device that achieves the best balance

between price and technical features.

See following article for reference : Gold Detector Price

Ease of Use

For the beginner it is important that the metal detector to be purchased is easy to use

in terms of ease of installation and use the different device options and settings and the use of the device software.


It is important to have many technological features and functions useful

for the work of prospector in the search for buried gold treasures and various metals.

such as minimum controls to adjust settings and easy to understand user interface and so on.


Best Metal Detector for Beginners


Simplex is the first water proof detector offering extreme depth and high-end features at an entry level price.

Simplex is simple enough for beginners yet impressive enough for experts!

For beginners it offers a reliable easy to use detector that gives extreme depth and basic features of a high-end device at best price ever.

Simplex+ is a turn-on, go detector with auto ground balancing! It boasts preset search modes. including a beach mode.

in a very easy-to-use. single menu design.

Simplex Metal Detector

Whether you are searching for coins. artifacts or jewelry on land or underwater.

SIMPLEX is the most cost-effective yet durable detector featuring a modern and lightweight style.

Multi Kruzer

Kruzer is a small compact metal detector device which is easy to use and operate .

with a modern waterproof sleek design and best perfect performance in all ground conditions and terrains.

Kruzer is versatile device as it can used to multiple purposes.

such as to find gold treasures, natural gold nuggets, ancient coins, small relics.

Kruzer contains 3 search modes and gives excellent metal discrimination ability at great depth.

to let the prospector find all hidden targets easily.

All what was mentioned previously make Kruzer a best choice for a beginner prospector

and its cheap price confirm this choice .


Multi Kruzer





IMPACT gold and metal detector offer another easy to use metal detector .

with reliable performance in detection and finding of most kinds of metallic objects.

such as iron, gold, silver, bronze and so on.

IMPACT eases the operation of metal detection.

thanks to its modern robust design and latest features and technologies.

so that enable to uncover deep hidden gold treasures and metals.


Impact Metal Detector



Gold Monster 1000

Gold Monster 1000 is a wonderful new metal detector device that was designed exclusively for beginner prospectors and amateur gold seekers.

This device is a lightweight simple to operate gold detector device .

it is a simple device  with new and beginner user in mind as it is the easiest metal and gold detector ever.

Gold Monster 1000 is the easiest metal detector because of its simplicity and unique detection features

so it ease user function such as a visual gold chance indicator, automatic ground balance.


Gold Monster 1000





Types of Metal Detectors

There are many metal detectors available in the market for detection of gold

and treasures buried underground, so selecting a suitable device is a bit difficult.

Gold detectors are metal detectors with special features to facilitate the detection

of gold through a specific number, sound tone or specific color

Gold detectors contain special features that make it easy for the prospector to discover gold

through various means, such as display a number called Target ID as a way to know gold detection or any metal,

so it is possible to confirm the discovery of a gold when a certain number appears.

Also there is special audio tone that correspond to gold detection  .

There are special devices for detecting natural gold, as well as special devices for finding buried gold .

and some devices can find both , and all kinds of precious metals in general.


Best Metal Detector For Beginners

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