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Cheapest Gold Detector

Cheapest Gold Detector

Cheapest Gold Detector

Cheapest Gold Detector &  Metal detectors are available in the global market in various countries of the world from many manufacturers and different brands.

These devices vary according to their technical features, research technology, maximum search depth, and various features.

For new or even professional prospectors, the price factor plays an important role in determining the metal detector to be purchased,

as any prospector wants to purchase the device most appropriate to its needs at the best price and the lowest possible price.

Buy metal detector

Buy a metal detector if you have been a fan of old coins and buried treasures for hundreds of years.

The metal detector helps you to search for these treasures, such as a golden costume such as a ring,

collar, or an ancient bronze statue, or any metal objects of antique value that can give you a fortune if sold.

New beginner and prospector hobbyist can buy a cheap device at an affordable price and with very acceptable features,

or invest in a device with professional features and pay a greater amount.

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Types of Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are classified according to a group of factors and the most important classification

is the one that depends on the search technology in the device and the method used to detect metals and gold.


Metal detectors are classified according to this classification as follows:

Electromagnetic Metal Detectors

Electromagnetic metal detectors are the most widespread and diverse devices, and their prices

are usually the cheapest but its feature like max depth is limited.

The detection of metals in these devices using a search disk that contains electronic coils used to

send and receive electromagnetic signals. The prospector is provided with a feedback in the form of

a sound or an identifier number for the target type.

Example: Nokta Impact

Long-Range Metal Detectors

The long-range metal detectors devices are characterized by a wide field of survey and search

that reaches about 2 km and a large depth of field and their prices are within an average field

according to the manufacturer and various factors.

It depends on the detection of metal objects on the reception of the signals generated by the minerals

buried underground, through antennas moving towards potential targets.

Example: Mega Gold

3D Imaging Metal Detectors

3D Imaging metal detectors are the most accurate and best equipment for professional prospectors

, but are characterized by very high prices and not suitable for most prospectors.

The principle of search in these devices depends on the presence of a sensor that measures

the changes of magnetic fields in the ground within which to scan, and the measurements turn into

a three-dimensional space representation on a tablet or laptop screen

Example: 3D Ground Navigator

Multi – Systems Metal Detectors

There are also some devices that combine more than one search technology from previous technologies,

and their prices are usually acceptable and cheaper for the prospector than buying separate devices.

Example: Mega Scan Pro includes three search systems: Long Range Locator system – Ionic Scanner system – Magnetic system.

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Metal Detector Reviews

Reviews of metal detectors are carried out by some professional prospectors and professional researchers who are experimenting

with the latest devices and testing their capabilities in the field of research and experimenting with their features.

The prospector can rely on these reviews to choose the appropriate device and compare the different devices in terms of price, depth and field of use …

Cheapest Metal Detectors

As previously explained, electromagnetic metal detectors are the cheapest gold detectors

because of their ease of manufacture and availability from many and many companies.

The price range ranges from about $ 200 for small devices intended for children and up to $ 500

for an acceptable device for a beginner prospector, and up to a price range of $ 1500-2000

for a professional device with better features in terms of depth and attached discs.

There are more expensive devices, up to 3000 – 4000 dollars, for example,

some of the devices of the Garrett and Minelab company intended for professionals.

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here in this article we will review some of the cheapest metal detectors from different companies with an overview of their features

What is Cheapest Gold Detector

Minelab Vanquish

Minelab Vanquish gold and metal detector is the latest release from Minelab awaited device

that fulfilled its promises and provided a practical high-performance device with a very economical price also.

Minelab Vanquish offers a modern design and attractive features such as the possibility of adjusting the length

to a minimum to facilitate carrying and the possibility of charging the batteries that run the device and wireless speakers and other useful features.

So, vanquish is a multi-purpose metal detector that can be used to meet all the needs of prospectors

and gold and treasure hunters also with a great economic price.

Minelab Vanquish


Simplex is a new entry from Nokta Makro detectors in 2019 for gold prospectors and treasure hunters also.

It is the first water proof detector offering extreme depth and high-end features at an entry level price.

However, Simplex is simple enough for beginners yet impressive enough for experts!

So, for beginners it offers a reliable easy to use detector that gives extreme depth

and basic features of a high-end device at best price ever.

Simplex is a turn-on 8, go detector with auto ground balancing!

It boasts preset search modes. including a beach mode. in a very easy-to-use. single menu design.

Whether you are searching for coins. artifacts or jewelry on land or underwater.

SIMPLEX is the most cost-effective yet durable detector featuring a modern and lightweight style

Simplex Metal Detector

Gold Monster

Gold Monster 1000 a simple easy to use gold detector device developed exclusively

for natural gold nuggets detection in all terrains.

Gold Monster 1000 is also the easiest gold detector to use, thanks to its simplicity and unique features

such as gold chance indicator and automatic ground balance plus minimum controls need.

Garrett Gold Detectors

The distinguished American Garrett Company is distinguished by its diversity of gold detectors and metal detectors

that cover all the needs of prospectors, ranging from amateur and child prospectors to professional prospectors and security companies.

Gold Monster 1000

Best Gold Detector On The Market

The best gold detector on the market is the device that meets your needs as a prospector,

which fits your financial budget and is easy to use and install and does not need much time to train on.

There is no perfect device, so search online and on shopping sites and read reviews from experts

or people who bought the devices to take a full idea before buying any device suitable for you.

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Cheapest Gold Detector

Metal Detector Kids

Some metal detectors suitable for children are available and these devices are usually limited in terms of depth,

but they are usually easy to install and use for the child with a comfortable design

for practical use and attractive colors with a screen that includes simplified information.

Examples: Simplex – NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal Detector Bounty Hunter Junior GO-FIND 22




Cheapest Gold Detector


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