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Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are an electronic device that work with specific technology to find buried metallic objects underground;

it can be used for multiple purposes like searching for ancient coins or buried treasure or relics

and even for natural gold prospecting or for golden treasure hunting.

Metal Detectors Uses

  • Detecting natural gold including very small gold nuggets
  • Find gold veins that are found in desert soils within the rocks
  • The discovery of old coins coined by previous civilizations such as the Persians and Romans
  • Find ornamental jewelry that has been used since ancient times for the adornment of kings and women, such as crowns, bracelets, and rings
  • Excavation of ancient antiquities made of gold or other minerals, such as golden swords or inlaid with gold.

Types of Metal Detectors

There are many types of metal detectors which are classified according to different classifications.

Metal detectors can be classified according to many factors including their uses or applications like gold detector

or according to the search technology or what called search system like Long Range System or according

to other factors such as beginner metal detector and so on.

Read more : Types of Metal Detectors

However, the most commonly used classification depends on search technology, where metal detectors are classified into several types:

Electromagnetic Metal Detectors

electromagnetic detectors

These devices are the most common and widely used gold detectors due to their low price

and ease of use for amateurs and beginners in the field of searching for gold and discovering ancient treasures.

Electromagnetic gold detectors work using what is called search coil containing electrical coils through which

the electric current is passed, generating an electromagnetic field sent towards the ground and upon collision

with a metal object such as a small piece of gold that bounces back as the opposite electromagnetic field received by

another coil (receiving coil) and according to the difference between the two fields is analyze the signal and convert it

into an identifier number for the type of metal displayed on the device’s special screen, as well as converted this signal into an audio tone.

For example, we mention devices of this type, such as Impact – Gold Monster 1000 – Garrett IT Max

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3D Imaging Metal Detectors

3D Imaging Metal Detectors

These devices are the most used by professional prospectors and archaeologists who want to discover the largest

hidden underground treasures to very great depths up to 20-25 meters in some devices.

3D imaging gold detectors work using a magnetic sensor that generates signals sent to the ground.

The search performed by dividing the area to be discovered, which is in the form of a rectangle

with a specific length and width into a set of scanning lines. Each line includes a set of points separated by equal distances.

The measurement or scan values ​​are recorded at each point and these data are collected and represented in the form of

a three-dimensional graphics that accurately shows the structure of the scanned land,

for example the metal objects buried within it, and voids such as tunnels or graves, as well as ordinary land.

We mention, for example, devices of this type: Ground Navigator 2 

Here are more details about these devices : 3D Imaging Metal Detectors

Long-Range Metal Detectors

long range metal detectors

They are called long-range locator devices, and they are suitable for searching open and wide lands remotely,

and are suitable for discovering the burials in particular that were buried under the ground long time ago.

These devices are characterized by a large scan area of ​​up to 2000 meters in certain devices

and burials can be discovered at a depth of up to 40 meters or more underground.

It uses search antennas to receive signals from magnetic fields surrounding buried metal objects.

The antennas head towards the location of the buried target and by repeating the search from four sides,

the target position can be reached more precisely until it is confined within a small area.

We mention, for example, devices of this type: Mega Gold 

Multi – Systems Metal Detectors

There are devices that may contain more than one system or technology for search.

Usually, parts, hooks, or sensors suitable for each search system can be installed.

These devices give the prospector a variety of detection methods with the possibility of

obtaining more accurate results and often enrich the searcher to purchase multiple devices,

which saves money and effort.

Example: Cobra GX 8000 from Geoground includes six search systems, three of which are

related to long-range scanning technology, and another three that include the ionic search system – the ion system – the bionic system.


Metal Detectors for Gold

Metal detectors for gold are the devices most wanted detectors by professional or beginner prospectors

due to the scarcity of precious metal and its high cost.

Gold detectors are special devices provided with practical features that help discover the precious metal

through a specific system of distinction between minerals based on the digital signal or target ID

or on audio feedback or three-dimensional visual representation of a specific color of gold,

and that depends on the type of gold detector type as explained previously.

There are a special type of electromagnetic metal detectors called Gold Ore Detectors

that specialize in detecting of natural gold nuggets , veins and grains underground

and there are many devices for this purpose from different manufacturers and brands

we mention for example : Gold Kruzer from Nokta-Makro , GPX 4500 from Minelab and Garrett ATX from Garett / USA.


Gold Kruzer

GPX 4500


Security Metal Detectors

Security metal detectors are a special classification of metal detectors related to the purpose or use of  these devices

and here they are used in airports and public transport by security men to examine visitors and travelers in search of

metal things such as knives, firearms(guns, pistols..) or sometimes explosive materials.

Security metal detectors vary from small handheld devices to large-sized security gates that scan

a person who is passing through in search of metal objects.

The USA based Garrett Metal Detectors Company is famous by its devices that belong to this type,





Metal Detector Principle

By Metal Detector here we mean Electromagnetic devices, which are the most prevalent type

of metal detectors due to their ease of manufacture and cheap prices.

Metal detector principle depends on sending and receiving electromagnetic signals according

to one of the following two techniques:

1 – VLF Technology

Very low frequency (VLF) is probably the most popular detector technology in use today.

In a VLF metal detector like Nokta Impact , there are two distinct coils:

  • Transmitter coil – This is the outer coil loop. Within it is a coil of wire.

Electricity is sent along this wire, first in one direction and then in the other, thousands of times each second.

The number of times that the current’s direction switches each second establishes the frequency of the metal detector.

  • Receiver coil this inner coil loop contains another coil of wire.

This wire acts as an antenna to pick up and amplify frequencies coming from target objects in the ground.

metal detector principle

2- Pulse Induction Technology

A less common form of metal detector is based on pulse induction (PI) technology.

Unlike VLF, PI systems like Lorenz Z1 may use a single coil as both transmitter and receiver,

or they may have two or even three coils working together.

This technology sends powerful, short bursts (pulses) of current through a coil of wire.

Each pulse generates a brief magnetic field. When the pulse ends, the magnetic field reverses

polarity and collapses very suddenly, resulting in a sharp electrical spike.

This spike lasts a few microseconds (millionths of a second) and causes another current to run through the coil.

This current is called the reflected pulse and is extremely short, lasting only about 30 microseconds.

Another pulse is then sent and the process repeats. A typical PI-based metal detector sends about 100 pulses per second,

but the number can vary greatly based on the manufacturer and model, ranging from a couple of dozen pulses per second to over a thousand.

If the metal detector is over a metal object, the pulse creates an opposite magnetic field in the object.

When the pulse’s magnetic field collapses, causing the reflected pulse, the magnetic field of the object makes it take longer for the reflected pulse to completely disappear.

Metal Detector Price

Metal detector price depends on many factors and variables that affect the final price of the device, we mention some of them:

  • Search system in terms of technology used and tools used to perform detection
  • Maximum depth of search that can be reached, which in turn is related to several factors
  • Completing parts such as sensors, coils and other accessories (tablets for example)
  • Country of manufacture, manufacturer company and brand
  • The costs of transportation, shipping and taxes related to the laws of each country

Get full review of metal detector prices here : Gold Detector Price

Metal Detectors Reviews

Reviews of metal detectors are carried out by some professional prospectors

and professional researchers who are experimenting with the latest devices

and testing their capabilities in the field of research and experimenting with their features.

The prospector can rely on these reviews to choose the appropriate device and compare

the different devices in terms of price, depth and field of use …

Best Metal Detectors

Prospectors use various devices to detect gold which operate according to different technologies

and differ between them in several factors such as technical features and depth of research and price and other features.

Gold detectors are the best for gold exploration in different terrain and soil.

There are special devices for detecting raw gold, as well as special devices for finding

buried gold and some devices can find all kinds of precious metals in general.

But with the large number of gold detectors found in the market from various American, German

and other companies, some are wondering what the best gold detector is for gold prospectors? ,

The answer to this question is not easy because there is no simple answer and unified.

We will explain in this article some factors that play a role in determining the best device

for prospectors and we will offer multiple suggestions on the best devices for different applications and in different circumstances.

Garrett Gold Detectors

Garrett gold detectors is one of the best gold and metal detectors, as the company offers a variety of devices

suitable for various categories of amateur, beginners, professional prospectors, big treasure hunters, etc.

More info in this article : Garrett Metal Detectors

Here we cite, for example, an overview of some of the company’s best devices

Garrett ATX

GARRETT ATX the most powerful natural gold detector with high sensitivity for detection of tiniest gold nuggets underground.

Garrett ATX uses a unique Pulse Induction technology that gives most accurate and reliable results with extreme

gold sensitivity to locate tiny gold nuggets in all hard terrain.

Garrett AT Max Pro

Garrett AT MAX is a powerful and versatile metal detector from Garrett that offer the top performance and more depth.

Garrett AT MAX works using VLF technology with improved features and enhanced performance for gold detection and other purposes.

The device is a recommended device for any professional treasure hunter and gold prospector also in all ground conditions and terrain

Gold Detectors Reviews Australia

Australia is a promising market in the field of metal detectors and gold detectors.

Minelab International, the largest manufacturer of electromagnetic metal detectors in the world, is located in Adelaide, Australia.

The company’s devices include very diverse metal detectors that are activated by various technologies such as pulsed induction

and very low frequency and other technologies such as … special for the company and patented.

Read more : Gold Detectors Australia

Among the distinctive devices of Minelab, we mention the following:

Minelab Vanquish

Minelab Vanquish gold and metal detector is the latest release in 2019 from global Minelab Australia

awaited device that fulfilled its promises and provided a practical high-performance device with a very economical price.

Minelab Vanquish

GPZ 7000

GPZ 7000 gold ore detector is considered a best device ever for gold nuggets detection,

its great performance marked it as first gold detector for natural gold in the world.

GPZ 7000 with its new search technology ZVT (Zero Voltage Transmission) ,

offers a greater search depth and higher sensitivity for small gold nuggets.

GPZ 7000

GPX 5000

GPX 5000 the best gold detection device ever, designed exclusively to find natural gold nuggets

in all terrains using advanced metal detection technologies.

GPX 5000 combines great performance with the versatility of many search coil options to offer

a perfect gold detection device that meets the needs of for serious prospectors.


GPX 5000




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