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Using copper wires make a gold detector

By using copper wires make a gold detector

By using copper wires make a gold detector

The obsession with searching for gold and precious metals continues to haunt many people on this planet. Despite the development of technologies from search, exploration, and extraction, the dream of finding a golden nugget after a lot of trouble may be the dream for them.

Many scientific and physical principles, some of which approved the prospecting for gold, and others refuted this hypothesis from the ground up. One of them is the use of copper in its simple form in the search for gold!

Working principle

Metal detectors use an oscillator that reverberates the output pulse, each producing a radio frequency. One of these oscillators uses a coil of wire that we call a search loop. The second oscillator uses a much smaller coil of wire, usually inside the control box, and is called a reference oscillator. By adjusting the oscillators so that their frequencies are roughly the same, the difference between them becomes audible as a rhythm tone, that tone changes slightly when the search loop is moved over or near a piece of metal.

A better principle is found in practice to make the search oscillator fixed at 100 kHz and to arrange the reference oscillator to be adjustable at 100 kHz plus or minus 250 Hz. This gives a tempo tone from 250 Hz to 0 to 250 Hz. The percussion tone disappears or becomes null when the oscillators are approximately equal. This type of metal detector is most sensitive when the tone is close to zero, around 5 Hz, and no slight change is noticeable.


pieces list :

-Power source:

Any PP3 9v battery is perfect.




-Audio output

A 2.5″ 8-ohm speaker will work but headphones or earphones are preferred the higher the impedance the better.

Once the components are obtained, the circuit can be built within a few hours using a copper-clad copper strip plate.

-Iron ring

This is the only difficult part. It is better to wind the ring on the wood. He cuts three circles from some wood of 3 mm in diameter, 15 cm in diameter, and two with a diameter of 16 cm. Using wood glue, make a sandwich with a 15cm circle in the middle. When the glue is set, you can roll 10 turns. 25mm enameled copper wire around the groove in the edge of the first wire

If you have access to an oscilloscope or frequency counter, make a note of the frequency. Ideally, this coil will oscillate at about 104 kHz, with an amplitude of about 0.5 volts. The second or reference oscillator should be much smaller and if possible attached to the control box so it can be set when the detector is in use. To make a really good adjustable reference oscillator, what you need is some plastic fitting. The reference coil (tuning coil) is wound on a piece of wooden dowel about 12 mm in diameter x 50 mm in diameter. This should fit inside the plastic tube above

The two coils are then covered to protect them, especially from the bottom, although we are careful not to touch the ground. And with a suitable connecting rod connected. This simple reagent can be obtained.

The research professionals advise several important rules, the first of which is patience, then a little knowledge of the nature of the rocks and their history in the region. Some about weather and climate information to choose a suitable day for research.

Of course, it is important to develop a plan for walking, covering the ground in an orderly and non-random manner, considering that it is combed piece by piece.

Finally, there is an appropriate walking speed that enables you to distinguish the sound anomalies indicative of a metallic object. Too slow can cost you a lot of time and fatigue, high walking speed may miss some treasures!


Science has developed a lot, and today countries are racing to invent higher and newer technologies to get their hands on the largest share of gold in record time. This method, which was mentioned, is for many hobbyists and maniacs, whose number may surprise us, and who to this day still go to many lands and rivers for detecting gold.

Nothing beats finding multiple fines with such simple tools. After long and meager patience, do you think what we think?


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