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3D Imaging Gold Detector

3D Imaging Gold Detector

3D Imaging Gold Detector

3D Imaging gold detector is a metal detector that depend in its work on a three-dimensional ground scanning technology

using a probe that contains electronic circuits that include sensors and various components, the task of the probe

is to measure changes in magnetic fields and record the values at each scan point.

3D Imaging Gold Detector

Compared to different types of metal detectors, 3D imaging gold detectors are the most accurate in terms of results

and enable the prospector to reach very large depths, which reach in some devices up to 25 meters or more.

These devices are also distinguished by the diversity and multiplicity of their applications and uses, from finding gold treasures,

survey within historical battlefields in search of ancient weapons, for example, searching for various ancient antiquities,

geological surveying, and discovering various minerals.

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3D imaging gold detectors are suitable devices for professional prospectors, expert treasure hunters, and archaeologists

or those interested in antiquities can use them. Where the results of the ground scan are represented in a multi-colored three-dimensional

graphical form representing the composition of objects and burials within the scanned ground, with color connotations

related to the type of buried target, for example, yellow color indicates a metal, blue is a cavity like tunnel … etc.

3D Imaging gold detectors are available from different companies, most of which are German.

The German company OKM is the most famous company in this field with the largest number of metal detectors

within 3D ground scanner category, with features and technology suitable for different categories of amateur and professional prospectors.

For example, we mention some: Rover UC – EXP 4500 – Evolution NTX

Also, there are Turkish companies that provide practical and professional devices with features

and economic prices suitable for prospectors with a relatively low financial budget.

Examples of Turkish imaging devices are: Evo – Invenio Pro – Discovery SMR and others.

Regarding the subject of the prices of imaging gold detectors, the prices are relatively high,

due to the search technology and the great depths they provide, as well as the presence of special search tools

and with the availability of accessories to display the results such as a tablet or computer which raises the total cost of the device,

but with the high price, it is a profitable investment in the long run for a prospector, as this cost can be compensate by exploring and selling burials.

Search Technology in 3D Imaging Gold Detector

The principle of the search technology in the 3D imaging gold detector depends on a probe with special electronic circuits containing

measuring sensors, as it performs a spot scan of the search points and measures and records the changes

in the values ​​of magnetic fields emanating from the ground and the targets that they contain.

The method of conducting a 3D ground scan is to choose a part of the land of the search area, a rectangular shaped area

with a specific length and width, for example, length of 5 meters and width of 5 meters, and theoretically the area is divided

into multiple scanning lines and each scan line in turn is divided into a number of points separated by equal distances,

and then the probe record measurement in each point.

The measurement values ​​are stored at each scanning point within the device’s memory to visually represent the data later,

or it is broadcast directly wirelessly or wired to a computer, tablet or smart phone, or to a direct display on display screen in some devices.

The scan data at all points are converted into a three-dimensional graphics that accurately represents the composition of the scanned

ground area and its contents from buried metal objects or cavities within an app installed on a smartphone or

a special application that is installed on the attached tablet or laptop.

The 3D analysis application on the tablet or computer provides the user with powerful visual display tools that enable the prospector

to know the depth of any target and the precise position of the target within the coordinates of the scanned area easily,

as well as the type of target (precious metal, tunnel or normal ground)

3D Metal Detector

3D metal detector or as it is called Ground Scanner or “3D Ground Scanner” is any metal detector that relies on

3d imaging ground scanning technology to detect underground metal objects and burials.

With the imaging metal detector, it is possible to search for virtually all things made of various types of metals

such as silver – copper – platinum – iron – bronze – aluminum and others.

Most of these devices also include the feature of discovering underground cavities such as tunnels, caves, basements and cemeteries.

3D Gold Scanner Detector

3D gold scanner detector is practically an 3D imaging metal detector with features to facilitate gold detection where it is possible

to discriminate between different metals and represent them as color-based representation (for example, gold is red).

Most prospectors search for gold, the precious metal, whether it is raw natural gold found in nature in the form of granules

and small nuggets, or ancient buried gold, for example, gold coins – jewelry such as gold rings and chains – antique pieces

such as Tutankhamun’s mask, for example.

Therefore, it is important to have features that make it easy for the prospector to discover various golden burials visually in easy way.

Best 3D Metal Detector for Gold

Through a practical comparison and experience of multiple devices operating using imaging system, it can be said that

the best imaging gold detector from our point of view is the Gold Star 3D Scanner from German company Mega Detection,

the device has been released in start of 2021 year .

gold star 3d scanner

the reasons for choosing Gold Star 3D Scanner can be summarized in the following points:

  • It is most integrated device in terms of search technologies, as it includes 8 search systems that combine

the 3D imaging, long-range locator and ionic systems … which provides the prospector with one device for

all his needs and is suitable for all metal detection applications, caves and voids detection and archaeological exploration.

  • A completely new ground scanning technology through the scanning probe Multi Ground Scanner (M.G.S)

with a distinctive design and a wide scanning surface that ensures a faster scanning process and greater coverage

of the ground, which reduces the time and effort of the prospector during scan of large areas of the ground.

  • VST (Vertical High Signal Transceiver) probe, which is used to conduct a live stream real-time scanning of the ground

in search of various types of burials and cavities with a visual representation on the device’s screen or via the tablet,

as well as with an optical representation through LED bars that includes LEDs which lights up in colors according to the type of buried target.

  • The possibility of reaching very large depths, up to 25 meters underground, under certain conditions

in terms of target size, burial time, and other factors related to soil and terrain

  • 3 imaging systems for multiple applications:
    • 3D Ground Scan system that is suitable for conducting a detailed and accurate scan of a large area

of ​​the ground in search of buried targets to great depths.

    • Live Stream system through the V.S.T unit, which is suitable for conducting a quick search

and scan in real time to get an idea of ​​the nature of the land in the search area

    • Pinpointer target location system via the V.S.T unit, suitable for conducting a quick search

during the drilling process to accurately locate the target location.

  • The user can choose to represent the scan data in a two-dimensional form directly on the screen

with tools to filter the results and save them or in three-dimensional form on the screen of the tablet

attached to the device through the advanced analytical application Multi Visual Analyzer, which allows

to analyze the results visually accurately to know the depth, the coordinates and the type of buried targets.

  • An advanced and modern graphic interface available in 12 languages, which guarantees a smooth user experience

for both amateur and professional prospectors thanks to specially designed menus, screens and icons to facilitate

the process of adjusting search settings and options, displaying results and the ability to save them.

3D Gold Detector Price

As we mentioned in the introduction, the prices of 3D imaging gold detectors in general are relatively high

and are related to several factors, including the cost of search technology, maximum depth the device can reach,

the brand of the device and the country of manufacture, as well as other factors related to the accessories

and parts included in the device bag, for example, tablet computer, smart phone or computer.

But the purchase of a 3D imaging gold detector is not expensive compared to the desired results of its purchase,

as the device guarantees to the prospector discovering valuable treasures and burials that can compensate

the purchase price of the device many times, and thus the device is a profitable investment for money because it can be used

for detection a lot of times and can be rented to friends or interested people.

The prices of 3D metal detectors, as we have shown, are related to the specifications of the device and the previous factors that were mentioned.

High-quality Turkish devices such as the Evo device can be purchased for the equivalent of 4000 dollars,

and for a more sophisticated device such as Discovery SMR, the price is about 7500 dollars.

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OKM Metal Detector Price

As for the German devices, which are the most advanced and reliable, especially OKM devices,

prices range from about 4000 – 5000 dollars for devices such as Fusion Light or Evolution NTX, and the price increases

with the availability of more features in the device, accessories and additional scanning modes,

and the price can reach about 9000 – $ 15,000 for devices like Rover C4 – EXP 4500 Lite.

There are integrated devices such as the EXP 6000 device that can cost more than $ 20,000 depending

on the version and companion accessories.

You can visit OKM website to find out the prices of each device separately,

and as the Orient Technology Group is the authorized distributor for the company in Turkey and the Middle East,

we offer the company’s products at the official approved prices.

Underground Scanner

The underground scanner is available from multiple companies as we mentioned, considering German devices

are the best, but there are distinctive devices from Turkish companies and we will review here two distinct devices:

Nokta Invenio Depth

Nokta Invenio metal detector is a distinctive device from the Turkish company Nokta-Makro, which upon its release

revolutionized the world of imaging gold detectors thanks to the first-of-its-kind ground scanning technology

that was integrated into the device.

3D Imaging Gold Detector

This technology includes a direct spatial visual representation on the device screen directly in real time with

artificial intelligence technology that analyzes the results and filters them to display an accurate approximate

shape of the buried target where the prospector can easily know the shape of the target, for example a circular coin

or the shape of a statue or a box, with a visual multicolor representation enables to know the target type visually.

The device also includes a special search mode for cavities and underground voids to detect tunnels – caves – graves … etc.

The device can detect different types of targets to depths of up to 5 meters, for example: gold treasures, voids, tunnels

and underground basements, ancient coins, and artifacts such as gold jewelry, old weapons and armor …

Evo Metal Detector

Evo metal detector from Groundtech is a small-sized stick-shaped metal detector with 3D ground scanning technology

that offer great features for treasure hunters for detection of ancient treasures and relics in simple visual way.

With Evo the prospector can ensure accurate search results in all terrains and ground soils types, and its small size

give it a comfortable search experience in search fields.

Evo Metal Detector

EVO scanned data present on tablet screen as 3D graphics inside EVO 3D app, which gives full details about

buried targets in the scanned area like depth, position and metal type.

Gold Detector 10 Meter Depth

There are many imaging gold detectors that achieve a detection depth of 10 meters or more,

and most OKM devices can find targets that may exceed 20 meters.

But as a general rule for detecting metal targets and treasures at a depth of 10 meters or more,

the target must be of a relatively large size with large dimensions and a large longitudinal section,

as well as be buried for a long-time exceeding ten of years, as the older the target, the greater the probability of discovering it at a greater depth.

In the following paragraphs, we give a brief overview of some imaging devices that give a depth of 10 meters or more:

Rover C4

Rover C4 device from the German OKM company is one of the best imaging gold detectors with its distinctive design

and availability in several colors. It provides two scanning sensors attached to the device and a touch screen to easily adjust the scan settings.

A hybrid tablet or tablet computer that works as a tablet or a small laptop is also attached to the device the tablet is preinstalled

with a powerful analytical program Visualizer 3D that is used in all OKM devices to display scanning data visually in the form of

a three-dimensional graphics, and the program guarantees the user an accurate analysis of the data, display it and filter

the results By color and easily knowing the position and depth of any target within the search area.


OKM Rover C4 can be used for all metal detection applications such as excavating antiquities, detecting treasures and burials,

searching for precious metals such as gold, silver, and copper, and even for discovering voids, caves and tunnels, to depths of up to 20 meters or more.

EXP 6000

EXP 6000 3D ground scanner from OKM is the most integrated device for metal detection, archaeological excavation

and burial detection in the world, as it includes the most powerful imaging technology and accurate ground scanning

with a wide range of tools and special probes for specific applications such as tunnel detection, live scanning, etc.

OKM EXP 6000 device is a device intended for professional prospectors and mineral exploration companies and is practically

suitable for all applications and uses of metal detection such as detecting ancient monuments – searching for natural minerals

for minerals in mines – archaeological survey of ancient historical battlefields and areas in search of metal objects

such as weapons such as swords and shields. It is offering a great detection depth exceeding 21 meters.

EXP 6000

The device also contains more than six scanning modes that are compatible with the probe and the installed probe

according to the goal of the search, and the results are visually displayed via the laptop or hybrid tablet that comes

with the device within the Visualizer 3D program.

Discovery SMR

Discovery SMR from the Turkish company Groundtech is a practical device distinguished by improved imaging technology

with the features of a geological – electric system and can be used for all applications of metal detection,

exploration of burials and even detection of caves and water.

Discovery Detector

One of the most important features of the device is the ability to see the representation of the ground scan results

directly on its screen without the need for an external computer or tablet, as the device’s color screen includes

an advanced multilingual program used to set the scan settings and display the results in three-dimensional form,

as well as with tools to analyze the results such as filtering results and determining the location and depth for the detected targets.

Its ground scan technology can reach and find targets up to 25 meters.


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