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Professional Metal Detector

Professional Metal Detector

Professional metal detector is any metal detector intended for professional use

or may contain advanced features suitable for professional use rather than an amateur or beginner device.

One of the important features of the professional metal detector is the excellent performance

in all conditions and terrain, as well as its availability of search tools like specific-purpose probes or coils

and additional accessories provided to help the device be multi-purpose in order to detect golden treasures,

excavation of antiquities, searching for coins and various other tasks.

Professional Metal Detector Features

  • Designed exclusively for professional applications and uses in metal detection
  • Has an advanced search technology like 3D ground scanning or geo-electrical technology or electromagnetic technology with advanced features
  • It features professional features that help the professional prospector to easily discover buried treasures and metal objects
  • Search results obtained by using it are most accurate and reliable.
  • It may provide deep search depths (more than 10 meters) that exceed many times what can be accessed on amateur and beginner devices

Professional Metal Detector Applications & Uses

  • Professional treasure hunting of large sizes located under great depths
  • Coin shooting of ancient coins made of gold or silver or bronze or copper.
  • Excavation of the treasures and relics of ancient civilizations.
  • Searching in historical battleground for lost objects such as different weapons

(swords, shields, daggers …) and other tools such as metal helmets or others objects.

  • Cavity detection in some devices, example: tunnels – basements – graves – caves.

metal detector uses

Metal Detectors for Sale

There are a plenty of metal detectors devices for professionals, with different purposes

and various features with different search technologies.

As a professional prospector that need high-end professional devices with a reliable performance

and results, it is recommended to buy powerful professional devices with best features.

Since there are many companies operating in the field of metal detectors and a lot of options

available to the prospectors, many new customers didn’t know how to choose the

device they want to buy and also where to buy a metal detector.

Metal detectors can be purchased directly from companies selling metal detectors

and gold detectors like our company Orient Technology Group.

These companies are usually authorized agents or local distributors for the devices of one or more

metal detector manufacturers. They can be purchased directly from their companies

by visiting their stores or by contacting them via telephone, e-mail or any means of communication.

These companies usually offer services such as free shipping and technical support and after

sales services, so be sure to choose the right company you want to buy from.

The prices of professional metal detector may cost the buyer few hundreds to many thousand dollars

and it varies according to a variety of factors as we noted early in this article

Professional metal detectors cost thousands of dollars which offers more depth and wide array of features and options and

See following article for more details: Gold Detector Price

In the following paragraphs, we will review a set of professional devices from different companies,

with an overview of each device, the interested person can click on the links to get more information.

OKM Metal Detectors

EXP 6000

EXP 6000 a revolutionary metal detector device with most complete features set in one package,

it is most powerful professional metal & gold detection device in the world.

EXP 6000 incorporate latest Germany technology from OKM in the field of 3D ground scanning

and metal detection via its powerful modern geophysical detection system.

EXP 6000

EXP 6000 is a versatile device for any serious prospector as it can locate and detect all types of targets

underground like buried artifacts, gold treasures, underground hidden structures like tunnels and everything else.


OKM Fusion the metal detector and 3D ground scanner support treasure hunters, gold seekers,

adventurers and archaeologists to discover lost treasures, buried artifacts, hidden places and other historical items.

The device available in three versions: Fusion Pro – Fusion Pro Plus – Fusion Light that differ in some features and scan modes …etc.

The advanced version Professional Plus can be used in vertical and horizontal orientation and supports

graphical 3D measurements, acoustic magnetic field measurements and instant live images.

OKM FUSION Professional


GEPARD GPR 3D is a new type of 3D ground scanners with unique technology

and powerful features and performance for all detection applications.

It use a powerful ground penetrating radar technology that offer great

scan depth range that may reach up to 40 meters underground.

GEPARD GPR 3D with its features set, offer for the professional prospectors or even

companies or organizations, many practical uses for the detection of underground objects

like pipelines, cavities, cables, conduits, tunnels, bunkers and metals.


Nokta-Makro Professional Detectors

Invenio Pro

Nokta Invenio Pro a latest professional device which has a special technology

, which is a 3D imaging metal detector for searching gold, metals, and artifacts

, and that is one of the best metal detecting technologies in the recent years.

That new 3D imaging technology has been patented internationally because of

its features of showing the precise shape of the underground metal objects.

Invenio Metal Detector

Invenio is multi-purpose gold & metal detector which can be used to detect everything

underground including various types of targets such as deep-buried gold treasures,

cavities like tunnels, ancient coins, old artifacts, underground cavities such as tunnels, graves and chambers

Impact Pro

Impact metal detector from the Turkish company Nokta-Makro is a unique multi-purpose

and high-performance device in all-natural conditions and terrain.

Within two years of its issuance, IMPACT proved its capabilities and reliability through

the experiences of prospectors and through real success stories such as the discovery of coins

, statues and ancient monuments by searchers from different countries in the world.

The main important feature of the device is the Multi-Frequency technology, which was

introduced first through this device, which allows the use of one of three available search frequencies

and switching between them when searching to suit the discovery of different targets in various ground conditions.


Impact Metal Detector

Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett At Max

Garrett AT MAX is a powerful and versatile metal detector from Garrett that offer the top performance and more depth.

Garrett AT MAX works using VLF technology with improved features and enhanced performance for gold detection and other purposes.

The device is a recommended device for any professional treasure hunter and gold prospector also in all ground conditions and terrain

Garrett AT MAX

Garrett At Pro

Garrett AT Pro, as it is clear from its name, includes additional professional features

in addition to the features available in the MAX version of the device.

Additional features include for example:

  • High resolution iron discrimination
  • Fast track ground balance
  • Electronic pinpointing
  • Proportional audio mode

Minelab Metal Detectors

GPZ 7000

GPZ 7000 a most powerful natural gold detector in the world with most

accurate results and great performance in all terrains

GPZ 7000 is the most sensitive gold detector ever as it can detect smallest

natural gold nuggets at greater depths more than any rival device.

SDC 2300

SDC 2300 from Minelab, is a practical small-sized medium-range priced device

ideal for discovering the smallest natural gold nuggets that do not exceed

one gram in all terrain and even under water.

The device works using a developed pulse induction technology that has proven

successful in detecting metals with greater efficiency and greater depths

compared to electromagnetic devices operating with VLF technology,

as it provides the best performance in all difficult and harsh natural terrain

such as desert lands, sandy soils and any other environment.

Whites Metal Detector

White’s Electronics manufactures the best metal detectors for recreation,

security, and industry for hobby and professional prospectors.

Taking advantage of the latest research and development has made

White’s Electronics a leader in the field of metal detecting

with best devices with high-end features and reliable performance.

Example devices: TDI SLGold Master 24K


It is a small palm-sized metal detector suitable for detecting small metal objects

within a short distance of no more than 70 cm.

This device is usually used by the prospector during the excavation process,

where the device passes over the digging area to discover the presence of the potential target,

for example a small coin where a sound alert is issued noting the presence of a metal

because it is possible during digging that the prospector cannot see the target

during the dirt removal from the hole due to the small size of the buried target.

nokta pointer

Waterproof Metal Detector

One of the important features of professional metal detectors, which is desirable for professional

prospectors on the seas and oceans, or near rivers …

is that the device is waterproof and it is best to immerse it in water to a specific

depth (usually 1 – 3 meter) without damage or breakdown.

Waterproof metal detector designed according to certain specifications in terms of design

and the nature of the materials involved in its manufacture according to a specific standard

to prevent water leakage into the system box or coils so as not to damage electronic

components and circuits.

Example of waterproof metal detector: Equinox 800Kruzer

Underwater Metal Detector

Underwater metal detector is a special type of metal detector that can be used for great depths

and is suitable for diving to a very large depth, usually not exceeded by waterproof metal detectors.

In these devices, it can work efficiently for depths of up to 60 m below the surface of the water.

Examples: Pulse DiveExcalibur II


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