Learn how to make a long range gold detector

Learn how to make a long-range gold detector

Learn how to make a long-range gold detector 

In the world of exploration, gold is one of the most important goals of those interested in prospecting around the world, as it is the closest way to wealth. and among the things that have become more important to those interested in this type of work, are the tools that help greatly in discovering minerals with their various names, whether they are gold or silver. Nowadays, there are many devices and equipment that vary in the diversity of the material to be searched for. it may be rare in our days to use primitive tools, and rely heavily these days on modern devices that bring the best results to its holder. one of the most important and most famous exploration devices is a long-range gold detector , and we will talk about how this device is made.


Gold detector and its working principle

The working principle of the gold detector follows the principle of metal detectors; It emits electromagnetic waves, and when the electromagnetic field of the transmitted wave affects a metal, it causes it to radiate electromagnetic waves, and these secondary waves are sensed by the detector coil and the device begins to ring.

The metal detector contains two coils of wire: the transmitting coil and the receiving coil, and when electricity flows through the transmitting coil by the battery, and a magnetic field is created around it, and when the detector passes over a metal object, the magnetic field affects the atoms inside the metal – changing how Electrons move with it – which generates an electric current in the metal and is accompanied by the formation of a magnetic field around the metal, which is picked up by the receiving coil. The receiving coil is connected to a circuit containing an amplifier; When moving the detector over the metal, electricity flows through the receiver coil, causing the loudspeaker to click and an alarm sound, and this summarizes the working principle of the gold detector.


Uses of long-range gold detectors

– Discovering ancient minted gold coins from the remnants of previous civilizations such as the Persians, Romans, and Pharaohs.

– Excavation for ancient antiquities made of gold or other metals, for example, gold or gold-encrusted swords.

-Uncovering the ornaments that have been used since ancient times in the adornment of kings and women, such as crowns, bracelets, and rings.

Detection of gold veins that are found in desert soils within the rocks.

-Detection of natural raw gold, including very small gold nuggets.


The basic components of a long-range gold detector



-printed electronic board

-9-volt battery


-Battery cable + wires

-Electric bell + masking tape and some other materials.


Used types of equipment

Electronic board

electrical wires

pliers + tweezers

Soldering iron + welding wires

Hot glue


Steps of making long-range gold detector :

When we put the electronic circuit, we make some modifications to it by adding a separator or an electric switch between the battery and the electronic circuit, and instead of using a loudspeaker, a buzzing device is used

As for the coil, it is the most important and difficult part, especially concerning the inductance value of the coil, according to studies conducted by some manufacturers, the factory needs about 250 turns + diameter of 70 mm, 290 turns, the inductance value of the coil will be 10 microhenries

The coil core is made of cardboard and the coil is made of coated copper wire with a diameter of 0.2 mm and is wound 260 turns

Before welding, both ends of the coil must be cleaned, and sandpaper can be used for this process

Experiment with the electronic circuit. The circuit must be tested on an electronic board for the experiment, to avoid the circuit not working when it is converted into a printed electronic circuit

The next step is the printed electronic circuit, or as it is known as (PCB), and at this stage, the electronic circuit has been finalized

The next step is to make an arm out of cardboard and then all the pieces are assembled to appear in their final shape.


In conclusion, we find that each type of gold has its own device in it, and the market is crowded with many devices concerned with prospecting for gold, some of which are light and cheap, and some of the advanced ones are high in price. Their goal is economic savings, or their goals are scientific and research.


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