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Comparison Between Nokta Makro Anfibio & Multi Kruzer

Comparison Between Nokta Anfibio Multi & Multi Kruzer

Nokta Anfibio Multi 

The Nokta Anfibio Multi is a professional multi-frequency metal detector that has three different search frequencies (5kHz, 14kHz and 20kHz) and is also waterproof up to 5 meters underwater! This makes the Anfibio a multi-purpose detector suitable for almost all search objectives and conditions. Whether you are a coin hunter or finding relics or an underwater detecting or just want to track down gold nuggets , the Anfibio can do it all! Simply switch to the best search frequency for your search purpose and the Anfibio will be the ideal detector for you.

The Anfibio has no less than 9 different search modes and extensive settings for the professional such as an iron mask, mineralization reading, tone-break and ISAT. If you are less experienced, the Anfibio is also perfectly suitable for you thanks to its standard basic settings. Optionally, 7 different original Nokta|Makro search coils are available for the Anfibio.

Waterproof up to 5 meters (16.4 ft) underwater!  With the Nokta|Makro Anfibio you can search for the treasures of the seabed up to 5 meters underwater. And during a rain shower you can just keep looking, and after use you can rinse the Anfibio completely under the tap. Due to the water resistance, the Anfibio is also protected against the ingress of dust.

Pinpoint function and depth indication in centimeters The Anfibio has a built-in pinpoint function that allows you to determine the exact location of an object in the soil. This means that you have less excavation work and you will be able to excavate the object sooner. The metal detector also has a depth indicator with which you can read the depth of an object in the soil.

Mineralization level reading  You can easily read the mineralization level of the soil on the display of the Anfibio. This way you know whether the soil is highly mineralized or not. Highly mineralized soils are often difficult soils for metal detectors. With a high mineralization level you often cannot achieve the maximum result/depth with your metal detector. The Anfibio is also extremely suitable for highly mineralized soils and rocky areas and will outperform many other detectors here.

Online Software updates  Nokta|Makro’s innovative software update system ensures that you are continuously up-to-date and have the latest software and product updates for your Anfibio. Simply upload the latest software updates to your system online using a USB cable and get the most out of your detector.

Digital metal detector with object identification in numbers  The Nokta|Makro Anfibio is a digital metal detector equipped with a numerical object identification readout. As soon as you detect an object, a number will appear in the center of your display. On the basis of this number you can learn to recognize which type of metal or object it is. The numerical object identification of this detector is very accurate and ranges from 0 to 99.

Object discrimination in numbers  You can easily exclude unwanted objects from your search process. This object discrimination also works on the basis of the numbers on the object identification. For example, you can set that you do not want to detect objects with an object identification number 10 or lower (small iron). Your Anfibio will then no longer give a signal as soon as it detects the unwanted objects. Discrimination is often used to eliminate unwanted objects such as nails and pull rings. And with the KR18c search coil you can even disable beer caps.

Notch Function The Notch function offers you the possibility of very precise discrimination. You can now even discriminate specific ID numbers eg no. 7 and 9 instead of an entire range (0-10). This contributes to the goal of finding more objects and less waste. In addition, you can turn off or adjust the volume of these specific ID numbers.

iSAT Threshold The iSat Threshold function can be set optionally. This function adds a background tone that allows you to hear the signal from small and/or deeper objects. This feature allows you to detect small objects at the limit of your detector’s range. The threshold background tone is very soft and stable and therefore not disturbing. You will be able to hear the signals very clearly. This feature is also ideal for mineralized soils and other difficult soil conditions.

Excellent discrimination and unmasking ability Detect the targets you want to find, and save time when digging. Even next to iron, the valuable object is observed.

Very fast Response The Anfibio excels in its high reaction and recovery speed. This can be of great importance if there are several objects right next to each other and you do not want to miss a single object. Many metal detectors will indicate close to each other objects (within a few centimeters distance) as 1 object, so you will not notice that there are several objects, so you can miss objects. With the Anfibio you will not miss a single object, given the super fast response and recovery time.

2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones Included Enjoy the wireless freedom, because the Anfibio comes with a 2.4. GHz wireless headphones. The Nokta|Makro headphones are known for their good sound quality, response speed and fit. There is no signal delay.

Compact design, vibration and lighting The Anfibio has a flashy and modern design with adjustable display lighting, as well as key lighting. The Anfibio also has vibration, and vibrates when it finds an object! Ideal for hearing impaired users and for underwater detection. The Anfibio is built stably with a triangle handle and weighs only 1.7 kg! The stem is retractable up to 76cm (30″). Ideal for transport, storage and for diving! The new AF28 DD waterproof 28cm (11″) search coil, offers extra depth when searching!

Automatic & Manual Ground Balance + Ground Tracking In addition to the automatic and manual ground balance, the Anfibio metal detector also features “Ground Tracking”. Ground tracking means that the metal detector automatically adjusts when you enter a different type of ground. The groundtrack continuously scans the bottom and adjusts itself accordingly. This function continuously adjusts your metal detector to the most ideal ground balance.

Ground tracking is different from an automatic ground balance. The latter means that you can instruct the detector at a specific time to perform ground balance automatically. During the search process, however, it does not continuously adapt itself to the changing ground conditions. If you use Groundtrack, this also has a positive effect on your depth range, which will continuously remain at a high level.

Power supply The Nokta|Makro Anfibio has a built-in 3700mAh Li-Po battery which is rechargeable via USB. The battery life is approximately 19 hours at a time and you can continuously read your battery level on the display. Now with free waterproof external battery compartment for 4 AA batteries, which you can easily mount on your Anfibio as extra power supply.

Nokta Multi Kruzer

A real all-round metal detector for motivated beginners, advanced searchers and professionals with an excellent build quality, that is the Multi Kruzer. On land, on the beach, in the sea, it can handle anything. It is completely waterproof up to 5 meters deep in fresh AND salt water.

It is able to search deeper than most metal detectors in the same price range in any soil type. It has countless extensive settings that will help you find objects in the ground.

Makro Multi Kruzer Features

The Multi Kruzer is a metal detector that can search on 3 different search frequencies. This means that you actually have 3 metal detectors in 1, because most other metal detectors can only search on one search frequency.

The Multi Kruzer has a choice of the following frequencies:

  • 5 kHz = best suited for deep search and for large objects.
  • 14 kHz = good for general use
  • 19 kHz = best suited for detecting small and fine objects. Also good for polluted soils.

As with most metal detectors, the Makro Multi Kruzer also has a numerical object ID. This helps you identify a found object and works as follows: when an object is detected, you will see a number on the display and each number represents a type of material. After you have mastered the detector a little, you usually know what kind of object is hiding under the ground when you see that number.

You can adjust the sound volume for when you find iron, so that you can deduce from the sound that there is iron in the bottom. You can also turn off the sound when detecting iron.

If there are several objects right next to each other, it is useful to have a high recovery time, so that you detect all objects and therefore get several beeps instead. but one. The Multi Kruzer has a very high recovery time, so there is little chance of missing items.

The Makro Multi Kruzer has a frequency converter to easily change the frequency if other metal detectors or other electronic devices nearby cause interference.

With the built-in rechargeable li-po battery you can search for about 19 hours before you need to charge it. You can easily read from the screen how long the battery will last until the next charge. What is also handy is that you can connect a power bank during the search to provide the detector with extra power and search time.

Due to the possibility of firmware updates, you have a detector that always has the latest firmware/software.

The Multi Kruzer is adjustable in length from 111 cm to 135 cm and it weighs 1400 grams.

The screen is backlit and a searchlight is built in so that even searching in the dark is possible. Vibration is also present for when you detect an object. A nice and handy option, especially if you are deaf or hard of hearing.

Wireless lightweight headphones are included with the Makro Multi Kruzer that also sit comfortably on the head. Would you rather search with your old wired headphones? Then you can, because a headphone jack is present.

Underwater Metal Detector

The Makro Multi Kruzer is an underwater metal detector that can go deeper than most that are waterproof, it is completely waterproof up to 5 meters deep. It can be searched in both salt and fresh water. Of course, searching in the rain and rinsing under the tap is no problem at all.

Beach search Because it is completely waterproof and it is a very stable device, it is perfectly possible to search with this metal detector on the beach, even on the wet sea sand it holds its own.

The Makro Multi Kruzer is a metal detector that allows you to search really deep, deeper than most metal detectors. Small objects such as a coin can be found with the Multi Kruzer up to +/- 50 cm deep. Large objects can be found up to +/- 2 meters deep. For the price of this device you will not find anything that can search deeper or even as deep.

The Makro Multi Kruzer metal detector with its multi-frequency technology can be used everywhere, in the sea, ponds, rivers, beach, forest, fields, militaria, etc. In its price range it is one of the best metal detectors you can buy. It has infinite settings and can easily compete with top metal detectors of the higher price segment.

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