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What is a Pinpointer in Metal Detecting

What is a Pinpointer in Metal Detecting?

What is a Pinpointer in Metal Detecting?

A pinpointer is a device, whether handheld or built into the metal detector, which allows you to hone in on the exact location of a hit on your regular metal detector. They work by relating the frequency or volume of a sound to how strong the signal the pinpointer is receiving from the object.

Metal Detector Pinpointer:

A metal detecting pinpointer is essentially a handheld mini metal detector. It operates using the same technologies a regular metal detector uses, but it much smaller and useful in a completely different way. While a regular metal detector may be useful for searching large areas in a relatively short amount of time, a pinpointer can save you time when it comes down to finding exactly where an object might be and if you might have already dug it up. This is because a pinpointer has a smaller range of detection so it can be easier to look through a pile of dug up material when compared to using a regular metal detector.

The advantage of using it has smaller range of detection allows for more precise searching. and easier to use when digging up an object when compared to a full-size metal detector.

But on the other hand it can only be used when an object is already detected using a regular metal detector. also it may be difficult to find object which are buried deep in the ground when compared to using a regular metal detector.

Built in Pinpoint Function of a Metal Detector

Many modern metal detector manufactures have realized the necessity of a pinpointer and in recent years have even began building a pinpoint function into their regular metal detectors. The pinpoint function on a regular metal detector works in the same way that a metal detector pinpointer does. In both cases the device will produce a sound whose frequency or volume is relative to the signal the device is receiving from the object, allowing the user to know how close the device is to the object.

Its perfect as its already in your metal detector so you don’t have anything extra to buy or bring with you. and very useful for beginners who are just starting out their metal detecting journey.

But you will suffers from a large detection area which somewhat hinders the ability to pinpoint an object. and the cumbersome design of a regular metal detector will slow you down while digging because you will have to repeatedly stand back up to pinpoint the object.

Advantages of a Metal Detecting Pinpointer

While the pinpoint function of a regular metal detector can be somewhat useful it should not be confused as being the same thing as a metal detector pinpointer. A metal detector Pinpointer is a specialized tool which is useful for determining the exact location, depth, and even size of an object without the hassle of using an all-purpose metal detector.

Because of the small or rather focused field of detection and handheld design a metal detector pinpointer it is especially useful for when you have found a hit and are on the ground digging through material. In fact, often times you can use the metal detector pinpointer itself to dig through material you have already shoveled away. It really is much easier to use this handheld tool rather than a bulky regular metal detector.

Additionally, often times with larger targets, and even some smaller ones, you will damage the object with your shovel because you don’t really know how deep the object is. With a metal detector pinpointer you will know exactly where, and how deep, a hit really is. This helps you dig smaller holes and find your targets quicker. These things together result in a much simpler experience for avid hunters and a much more positive experience for beginners.

How do you use a Metal Detector Pinpointer?

  1. Find the general location of a target with your regular metal detector.
  2. Begin digging small amounts of material, being careful to no damage the object.
  3. Turn on the metal detector pinpointer and ground balance it. (This is often done by pressing the on button while the tip of the metal detector pinpointer is touching the ground)
  4. Move the metal detector pinpointer around until the sound coming from the device either gets louder or more repetitious. (or both depending on your specific metal detector pinpointer).
  5. Use the tip to dig through the dirt and locate the target.
  6. If you can’t locate the target in the already dug up material try using the metal detector pinpointer to locate the object in the bottom of the hole, or possible even in the sidewalls of the hole.

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