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Underwater Treasure Hunting

Underwater Treasure Hunting 2022

Underwater Treasure Hunting 2022

Underwater metal detecting is a fun way to improve your chances of finding more targets. Having areas on land and in water combined to search is also fun in the summer because you can cool off in the water after searching the shoreline and beach.

Hunting underwater is different than hunting on land. In fact, it can be challenging at times. And you do have to invest in a detector that is waterproof. But, when you have the proper equipment and the following tips, you will be ready to make some amazing finds.

Plan Smart

It’s really important to plan your hunting trip well so that you don’t end up wasting your time and effort. The first thing to consider is the time of year you hunt.

It’s really only feasible to metal detect underwater during the summer. That’s because it’s the time of year that beaches have the most tourists who leave items behind, and the water will be warmer, so you can spend more time hunting in it. If you do make the decision to hunt in the winter, be sure that you plan for it – wear a wetsuit.

Be sure to check weather and tide reports so you can plan accordingly.

Decide Where You Will Hunt

To improve your chances of making good finds, you should choose the most visited area of the beach to search. That goes for underwater hunting too. You’ll typically find that the most productive spots are the ones where lots of people congregate. Look for areas around piers, swimming holes, and docks where swimmers dive into the water.

Be Methodical with Your Search

When you are detecting underwater, you need to have a method in how you search. You may want to follow an imaginary line, moving along it with five to six feet swipes. This is one of the most popular methods that detectorists use.

Be aware of any potholes on the ocean floor, you may find that they hold something valuable. Also, you may want to use a long-handled trowel for retrieving underwater targets – it makes it easier if the ocean floor is rocky and will keep you from having to go underwater to dig.

Know the Water Current

When you pay attention to the current of the water (is it moving in or out?), it will help you find targets that your detector signals. It will also allow you spot areas where items may get stuck, like in rocks or seaweed.

Search Underwater in the Daytime

Not only is it not as safe to use an underwater metal detector at night, but it’s also extremely hard. If you want to make sure that you have the most time to search, start early, and search all day. Daytime hunting gives you the best clarity and visibility, so you’ll have an easier time.

Don’t Take Scuba Lessons

When you use an underwater metal detector, you don’t have to know how to scuba dive. The best searches are typically in four feet of water or less. That makes scooping up targets easy, and there’s no swimming involved.

Best Underwater Metal Detectors

Taking the dive into treasure hunting? Here are the basics to get you started in your new hobby. In order to choose the best underwater metal detector for you, consider the following questions:

  • Will you be in saltwater, or freshwater?
  • Where will you use your waterproof metal detector?
  • Will it predominately be on the beach, in the shallow, or on deep dives?

Two Categories

When deciding which detector is right for you, keep in mind your search area. An underwater metal detector is divided into two categories. The two categories are Pulse Induction Metal Detectors (PI) and Very Low-Frequency Metal Detectors (VLF).

Pulse Induction Metal Detectors (PI) are deep seeking and best for saltwater and underwater search areas, due to the enhanced search depth. Working through voltage and electronic pulses, the PI metal detectors are not affected by mineralized water; however, these waterproof metal detectors are typically unable to distinguish between trash and treasure, causing you to need to dig up an increased number of targets to retrieve the maximum number of treasures. Take your time covering your search area to ensure you don’t rush past what could be a potential jackpot.

Very Low-Frequency Metal Detectors (VLF) create an electro-magnetic field ranging from 3 to 100kHz. The VLF underwater metal detectors allow the individual to differentiate between a valuable and non-valuable find, saving you a lot of time. It is important to keep in mind, that VLFs are often compromised by the presence of salt and other minerals. If you decided that a Very Low-Frequency Metal Detector is right for you, make sure it has a Salt Water setting, and use the sensitivity and ground balance settings to navigate the mineralization.

Garrett ATX

GARRETT ATX the most powerful natural gold detector with high sensitivity for detection of tiniest gold nuggets underground.

Uses a unique Pulse Induction technology that gives most accurate and reliable results with extreme gold sensitivity to locate tiny gold nuggets in all hard terrain.

GARRETT ATX  however is a versatile device can be used for many purposes and metal detection activities

such as gold prospecting, relic hunting and coins shooting and so on.

GARRETT ATX is a robust machine that give the prospector best performance in most hard terrains, such as rocky lands and sandy soils thanks to its robust design and advanced features.

Minelab CTX-3030

CTX 3030 metal detector from Minelab, is a powerful device with treasure detection in mind to help prospectors and treasure hunters find golden and valuable treasures.

A professional-level gold detector device with great features and high-end performance in all terrain and soils.

CTX 3030 is recommended choice for any professional prospector thanks to its professional features and unique technologies within it that help ensure the best results.

FBS 2 Technology:

This technology includes sending multiple-frequency electromagnetic signals or fields towards

the ground to cover more and various targets at the same time under variable ground conditions

with the transfer of data from the search coil to the control unit of the device to analyze the received signals

Smartfind 2 Technology:

Advanced technology to discriminate different ferrous and non-ferrous metals with accurate digital signal

processing with discrimination capabilities based on the target type with variable color representation

based on the buried target, which ensures an accurate result.

Lorenz Deep Max Z2

Lorenz Deep Max Z2 is a new released metal detector from Lorenz – Germany, the device is a built upon the successful Lorenz Deep Max Z1 but with new features and enhanced performance.

Lorenz Z2 designed and developed to bring new or enhanced features such as high sensitivity, greater depth, easy operation and more accurate detection results.

Lorenz Deep Max Z2 has developed with professional prospectors in mind, as it can be used for a variety of metal detection related application like treasure hunting and detection of metal objects in historical battlefields and other tasks.

Lorenz Deep Max Z2 metal detector technology is based on special Pulse Induction technology called Pulse Ground Balancing System (Pulse GBS).

The principle is that the current in search coils passing through copper coils emit a short intensive magnetic pulse, those magnetic pulses produce eddy currents in conducting materials like metal objects for example a golden coin, eddy currents will be kept in a metal object and will die away after the magnetic pulse emitted by the search coil has turned off.

This is the reason why it is possible to detect those eddy currents during the time delayed receiving phase by means of the same search coil which now acts as a receiving coil.

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