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Detecting Metals and Gold in Winter

Detecting Metals and Gold in Winter

Detecting Metals and Gold in Winter

Many believe that prospecting or detecting metals may be confined only to certain seasons and special seasonal atmospheres for prospecting and exploration, but the truth says otherwise. There are many hobbyists and prospectors who tend to Detecting Metals in the winter. There are many things to keep in mind for a successful winter detection process.

Detecting Metals in snow

Yes, you can Detecting Metals in the snow. However, if the snow is deep, your detector will not penetrate the ground as much as you would like. Look for areas where snow drifts haven’t piled up or the winds have cleared some ground. The metal detector will still work properly, but you may have trouble getting the depth you want.

It is also recommended to put a coil cover on your detector. Coil covers protect the coils on your detector from being cut. It is also useful in winter because it will prevent you from getting electrocuted. Moisture from the snow can turn the detector off, so it’s important to have a coil to protect yourself from any injuries. It will also protect your detector from frying its electronic devices. If you don’t have a 100% waterproof detector, you may run the risk of losing your device.

Where are some good winter metal detector sites?

There are three main points to focus on when prospecting in winter.

The first spot to look for is a non-freezing body of water. This is smart only if you have a wetsuit. Be prepared for the cold if you choose to detect in open water. A waterproof metal detector is also essential. If you let a non-waterproof detector fall into the water, the device could potentially malfunction.

– Detecting Metals in shallow open water will not require you to deal with trash or any other inconveniences you run through on land. It’s also possible that you won’t have to dig as deeply as you normally would if you were spotting in shallow water.

– Water conservation or beaches can be great places to research in the winter. You won’t have to deal with the usual summer traffic. Winter winds will continue to push things to the shore line.

– Look for natural dips in the sand. The water will push the artifact as low as possible. If possible, take a walk around the beach along the ocean. The movement of the tides helps to disperse the snow and ice, as a result of which the sand will not freeze. If you are not near a salt water location and the sand has frozen, wait for a sunny day. The sun will defrost the sand enough to start digging. Again, make sure you have the coil cover on to protect your detector from water. Another place to look is among the popular winter tourist spots. Whether it’s hills, ice rinks, or fishing lakes, they’ll all yield treasures. However, the best place to look is the ski hill.

– If you can, look near the ski lifts. People always lose things when entering and exiting elevators. Whether they were slipping off a chair or in a hurry to adjust, there were likely a large number of treasures to be found.

Detecting Metals in Winter Tips

One of the most important pieces of metal detection equipment in winter is a powerful shovel, as hard ground makes digging very difficult. Therefore, be sure to bring a sturdy metal shovel to penetrate that first layer of soil. It’s also not a bad idea to carry a hand pick if the ground is very frozen. Use the tongs to break open the frozen ground before digging.

Another thing to remember is that cold weather will drain battery life at a faster rate. Make sure your detector is fully charged before you head home. If you need a warm-up break, have a car charger handy so you can get a few extra minutes of juice while thawing.

Waterproof clothing is essential for winter detecting metals. Wearing waterproof pants gives you peace of mind that water won’t seep through if you fall on the ground to dig. Waterproof gloves will also help you sift through the ice. You don’t want to end your adventure of detection early because of faulty clothing.

Detecting metals in winter won’t be the easiest or most comfortable experience of your life, but it can be rewarding. Not many people will spend time on this during the six months. This leads to more treasure for those who are willing to put in more effort.

Like many hobbies, it’s trial and error. There are no guaranteed places like summer, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work. It’s more rewarding when you find something of value on a long, cold day instead of a perfect summer’s day!

Minelab CTX 3030

CTX 3030 metal detector from Minelab, is a powerful device with treasure detection in mind to help prospectors and treasure hunters find golden and valuable treasures. A professional level device gold detector is with great features and high-end performance in all terrain and soils.

It is recommended choice for any professional prospector thanks to its professional features and unique technologies within it that help ensure the best results.

CTX 3030 includes multiple technologies that provide the tools necessary for the prospector in order to discover all the targets buried underground, efficiently and accurately. The device contains the following technologies:

FBS 2 (Full Band Spectrum 2) is a patented technology owned by the brand. It’s as is its name suggests – a full band spectrum of multiple frequency technology. Now, this is true multi-frequency technology with 28 available frequencies from 1.5-100 kHz. Interestingly, the frequencies travel in a rectangular wave which apparently improves coil-to-detector communication.

The new electronics and smart coils provide greater depth perception, even 10% more than Minelab’s E-Trac. FBS 2 also provides auto sensitivity and ground compensation, multi-channel signal conversion for enhancing target separation, and Smartfind 2D discrimination.

Because the CTX is a multi-frequency concurrent machine, it seems there isn’t the ability to use only a single frequency at a time. But, then again, there’s no need to when all frequencies are covering the entire spectrum allowing you detect all-sized objects in one sweep.

There’s no need to switch between frequencies to make multiple sweeps over the same ground to ensure you don’t miss a target.

Garrett AT MAX

Garrett AT MAX is a powerful and versatile metal detector from Garrett that offer the top performance and more depth. It works using VLF technology with improved features and enhanced performance for gold detection and other purposes.

The device is a recommended device for any professional treasure hunter and gold prospector also in all ground conditions and terrain

The AT Max comes stock with a variety of features and benefits that help to make it one of the most competitive mid-level metal detectors on the market. Continue reading for an in-depth look at each of these features.

One of our favorite, most beloved benefits of the AT (All-Terrain) series is that they are built to withstand saltwater, rain, sleet, snow, and virtually any other environment.

This is an excellent feature, since so many detectorists want to take their treasure hunting to rivers, lakes, and beaches. The AT Max is waterproof up to 10 feet, and functions with excellence in saltwater environments as well. This is of great comfort, since many of us are clumsy and might drop the detector in the water!

The submersible nature of the detector is what lends to its great reputation of versatility, as jewelry hunters at the saltwater beach will love it just as much as Civil War relic hunters in freshwater rivers. The ruggedness extends to battery life, which can be up to 20 hours with a set of four AA batteries.

Equinox Metal Detector

Equinox is a modern multi-purpose metal detector with new innovative technology and a lot of features making him a best companion for any prospector or treasure hunter.

The most innovative feature of Equinox, is its new Multi-IQ technology, which allows the use of more than four different search frequencies simultaneously.

So, it is possible to search for underground metal targets using different frequencies at the same time, which gives the possibility of covering various targets of different sizes and types of metal.

This saves time and effort on the prospector and thus explores more targets in less time and thus yields greater returns.

Equinox From Minelab is easy to use, thanks to ease of adjusting the various settings on the large screen which enable easy to read indicators for the user, as well as through the four search modes, which can be customized to suit all the terrain and natural conditions.

For gold prospecting, Equinox offer a unique gold mode to get best results in finding golden objects underground.

Equinox redefines the multi-purpose metal detectors and uses for all prospectors and gold prospectors thanks to its ease of use, technology and high performance in all terrain.

One of the most exciting new features of Equinox is the Multi-IQ technology. This technology, which is the first in a detecting metals device, enables the simultaneous use of multiple search frequencies (including the following frequencies in the device 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 – 40 kHz).

This means that the device uses all these frequencies at once to simultaneously search for underground metal targets and this gives a wider and larger coverage of the various buried targets.

The use of this technique provides the possibility of detecting metals objects. of different kinds (such as gold, silver or copper…) as well as different sizes (small and relatively large targets) and thus reduce the effort and time.

GPX 6000

GPX 6000 metal detector from Minelab, is a latest addition to its professional and trusted gold detectors devices developed exclusively for gold prospecting. It is a pulse induction gold prospecting detector with a lightweight, well-balanced package, coil options, built-in wireless earbuds and replaceable batteries.

It contain GeoSense-PI technology analyzes and responds to ground signals clearly and precisely to detecting metals even the smallest amounts of gold in environments you never thought possible. Whether you are hunting the tiniest flakes or large nuggets, this built-in technology will find all the gold.

GPX 6000 has been designed to be user-friendly to offer the prospectors a comfortable using experience when searching for gold in various environments and terrain. Thanks to its new shaft design made of carbon fiber that make it lighter to carry and use, plus the device is easy to install and use.

On the other hand, the monochrome LCD with backlight display screen shows all information to the user and can adjust different settings on screen via minimum controls available in control panel beneath it.

Invenio Metal Detector

With the intelligent 3D imaging system, can photograph gold and coins on the screen of the device with great accuracy and professionalism. A great device for detecting gold, metals, coins and precious treasures with the 3D direct imaging system, where the device can easily photograph underground objects and display the captured images on the device screen accurately and professionally with the ability to determine the depth and real dimensions of the discovered buried targets and also offers the advantage of distinguishing between the types of minerals.

Invenio Metal Detector contain IPTU (Integrated Positional Tracking Unit)  includes integrated sensors to track the movement of the search coil where the sensors record the coordinates of the coil and its height from the ground, which means recording and tracking all movements of the coil (left – right or front to back ..) accurately represent these movements directly on the unit that includes the screen visually , giving an accurate idea about coil movement within the search area.

This unit allows the prospector to determine the exact area of the search to be scanned by the search coil and the information recorded by it , contributes in knowing the positions of the buried metallic objects as well as determining the length and width of the scan area as well as the precise shape and distance of targets and the depth accurately.

EXP 4500

Suitable for treasure hunters of all levels – entry-level, experienced and professional users – to detect buried treasures in depths that common metal detectors are not able to reach. The multi functional treasure detector can locate buried relics, ancient artifacts, lost treasures and natural gold minerals.

The high-performance detector eXp 4500 offers exchangeable sensors – tuned and optimized for its special purpose and function. Hence, the lightweight and easy-to-use treasure detector is the perfect device for treasure hunters who look for various kinds of treasures.

Visualizer 3D – 3D visualization software , This powerful software can be installed on any computer so it use it to perform in-depth analysis for the data collected by all measuring probes and sensors, via USB flash memory data transferred from main control unit to the tablet PC.

As a result using Visualizer 3D the operator can learn detailed visual information about buried targets including its shape, size, location and depth also.

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