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How to buy a good metal detector

How to buy a good metal detector

The metal detector is an electrical device that has a high ability to detect the locations of metals near it; It is often used to detect the presence of objects containing metals or those buried underground. It also usually consists of a portable unit that has a sensor that can detect metals when conducting a survey of the ground or over objects. If this sensor is close to the metal piece, the ringing tone begins to change inside the speakers, and then the pointer needle points towards the location of the metal.

In the event that you are hesitating between devices and do not have enough knowledge to choose the right device for your goal. Do not worry, there are many sites on social networking pages that in turn help you to search for your need accurately. There are specialists whose job is to direct you to the option that best suits your requirements. Nowadays, it is all about reliance on websites; The issue of searching for specialized matters such as metal detectors is not easy. There are teams of engineers who specialize in training on devices and professionals in the work system of each device, and one of the engineers will help you choose the right device for you based on the goal you are looking for, the type of soil and the country in which the device is used.


Metal detector


The metal detector uses electromagnetic phenomena, which is one of the most fundamental physical principles as it is a wonderful and magical force that combines two different quantifiable forces, which are electricity and magnetism. This device works by generating an electric current in the transmission coil that transmits motion to the detector’s head, which in turn creates a magnetic field around it. Then it extends away from this coil, and the stronger the electric current generated, the stronger the magnetic field. Then any metal is induced in this field with the flow of that current, after which the eddy currents generated in the metal cause the production of a weak magnetic field against the initial magnetic field.


Its abilities:

A metal detector or receiver can pick up weak reflex magnetic signals, which in turn alert the user to the completion of the metal detection process. Low-frequency technology can be used in a metal detector, and this technology is the most widely used; It is easy to manufacture and cheap, which depends on the use of two coils: the transmission coil and this coil contains a loop of wire in which the electric current passes at a rate once clockwise and once on the opposite side, alternating at a rate that may reach thousands of times per second.


Some of its components:

Receiver coil is an internal solenoid coil containing electrical wires located in a circular shape. This file works to capture and amplify the frequencies coming from objects from underground. By calculating the time difference between the frequency of the transmitter coil and the frequency coming from that body, this technique can distinguish between different metals. As for the least used technology in metal detectors, the inductive pulse technology, and the device used for it consists of a single coil that works as a transmitter and a receiver at the same time, or it may have two or even three coils working together. This technology relies on sending an electric current in the form of short and strong pulses in a coil made of a circular wire. Each of these pulses generates a magnetic field, and is reversed when the pulse ends with the polarity of the magnetic field, and the magnetic field disappears suddenly after that, causing an electric spark that may last for a few microseconds, which in turn produces another electric current in the coil, and this the electric current resulting from that spark is called “the reflected pulse”, which has a duration of 30 microseconds.


How do you choose the right device for you?

Hobbyists and enthusiasts looking for gold tend to choose devices that are known to them through the experience of previous prospectors, and they are usually associated with a specific device or from a specific brand of a company, and they are not even interested in learning about new products, devices and modern technology in the market. Therefore, even advice from a prospector and an old user may not give you all the information you need to make a correct choice of device for you and your needs.


How much money do you have to spend for a metal detector?

In fact, there is no clear and specific answer to this question, as some prefer to choose the highest quality devices, while others prefer to choose cheaper and more modest devices. In general, it is recommended to buy a reliable and tested device by many previous users, and pre-purchase consultation is the most important thing you should do. And since the metal detector in general compensates the buyer for the money he paid through the discovered gold coins, so consider buying the device as an investment for your owner and not as a cost, and as a general principle, spend as much as you can and get the best device that is within your financial capabilities.


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