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The newest metal and gold detectors 2021

The newest metal and gold detectors

The newest metal and gold detectors

What is the best metal detector and gold detector that meets my needs and I can use it and give accurate results that suit my requirements and suit the nature I want to search for and the climate in general? This question comes to the minds of prospectors and seekers of gold and treasures in abundance. Of course there are several factors to consider before choosing the right device.

Every year, many devices are added to the market for metal detectors, some of which are developed from previous versions, and some are presented to the market for the first time to test customer segments.

We will try to monitor the best metal detectors in this article from 2021. We will not be able to mention them all, as the list is long and each group has several versions that may make the search more difficult.


Gold Star 3D Scanner

It is the first in a new range of professional metal detectors from Mega Detection that delivers new detection technologies, powerful new tools, and more reliable results.

Gold Star 3D Scanner provides professional treasure hunters, gold hunters, archaeologists and even mining companies a full range of tools with completely new technologies such as MG and I.M.T. U, VST and more, built in 8 search systems for all metal detection applications.

Mega Detection, with Gold Star 3D Scanner, provides a functional and professional device that combines ease of use, 2D on-screen visualization, 3D visualization on an Android tablet, comfortable working experience, and modern multilingual device software with a smooth visual experience in selection and adjusting all settings and detection options.

It has 8 different search systems that include the latest developments in the field of metal detection technologies with wide options to adjust the search settings and options to suit different factors such as the type of ground soil, terrain, search purpose, type and metal of buried targets.


Phoenix Metal detector

It is a 3D scanner with all-new ground scanning technology that ensures faster and more accurate results in finding and detecting ancient treasures and burials at very great depths. Mega Detection, via its Phoenix 3D ground scanner, provides a powerful professional device with 3 search systems suitable for professional prospectors and treasure hunters looking for antiquities and gold treasures.

Phoenix provides a rich visual user experience by displaying 3D ground scan results either directly on the device screen or via an Android tablet via the powerful Multi Visual Analyzer that provides all the tools to visually analyze the scan data.

On the other hand, although it is a device intended for professionals, the device is easy to use thanks to the modern multilingual software, which has been carefully designed to facilitate the process of adjusting settings and various scanning options as well as displaying the results.

It offers a new and unique 3D ground scanning technology via the Multi Ground Scanner (MGS), with a larger scanning surface providing greater coverage and faster scanning, but with reliable, accurate results.

Possess a powerful live broadcast via high-signal vertical transceiver and Pin Pointer system for easy and accurate visual guidance of the detected target using it.


Metal Detector Garrett Ace 250

This model kept coming up while we were reviewing the Garrett Professional All-Terrain Model. Numerous user reviews suggested that both models can completely replace each other in terms of convenience and usefulness. We chose the ACE 250 because of its underwater expertise, especially in muddy fresh water.

This is a lightweight 2.7 lb model geared towards beginners, but you should control your excitement when you see all the expert features added in this little birdie. The model sits comfortably somewhere in the middle of the prestigious ACE series from Garrett with a decent operating frequency of 6.5 kHz.

It features digital displays that give you a quick idea of ​​the minerals you’ve found before you start digging.


All-Purpose Underwater Metal Detector Fisher 1280X-8

If Garrett’s previous model failed to go too deep in murky waters, increase your detection capabilities with the underwater giant from Fisher, the 128X-8. Fisher is a constantly innovating company, specializing in anything to do with frequency. So, we decided to look beyond their great audio equipment and into something a little outside the box. A metal detector is nothing more than a pickup of frequencies and vibrations and finds accurate results for what is there. Therefore, any audio equipment manufacturer can easily transfer the bandwidth of its work in the field and excel at the same time. This is exactly what Fisher did with this model.

The device can go up to 250 feet underwater, due to its low operating frequency of 2.7 kHz. Do not be alarmed by looking at that number because that is what gives the detector more depth than the high-frequency models.


Garrett ATX Deepseeker Waterproof Kit

The Deepseeker ATX collection enables you to dig deeper to find more treasures, including deeply buried treasure caches. Package includes 20″ devices with standard 12″ DD coil.

Look no further than the Garrett ATX Deepseeker when looking for deep gold nuggets or gold veins. “

Garrett ATX is the best choice because it is one of the most advanced solid mass detectors in the world. Whether you are searching for gold nuggets, coins, jewelry or relics, this detector is a great choice for all terrains and conditions. ATX has a pulse performance and is ideal for highly mineralized soils where gold nuggets are often found. The high sensitivity of this detector allows the identification of the smallest gold nuggets.

Well, if there is one thing we learned from this list, it is that there are a lot of excellent manufacturers that make many products for different types of consumers. Some aspire to more serious tasks and want nothing less than the latest equipment. On the other hand, there is also a huge base of consumers who are oriented to the basic bottom line which is filled with optimum performance. While the options are endless, it is also easy to fall for the marketing tricks that advertisers put in place to just push their products.

Control and customization are two features that make any metal detector great, and they can help create a personalized experience. Of course, a do-it-all machine is no good if it does not last or is not reliable. User experience is another important aspect to consider when investing in a metal detector – whether you’re an expert or not, you still want your device to be easy to use.


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