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The deepest metal detectors in 2021

The Deepest Metal Detectors 2022

The Deepest Metal Detectors 2022

Metal detection is already an excellent hobby. It keeps us energetic, patient and directional. The end will not always be worth the effort, but there is always a small chance that we will find gold. To be a good metal detector, there is only one thing you need: a good metal detector.

And let us tell you that choosing the most suitable detector is not an easy task. There is a range of criteria to consider, and depth of discovery is only one factor. But do not worry, this is an extensively researched list of several metal detectors at great depths. Let’s start:


Garrett AT PRO Metal Detector

Garret is one of those companies that started to improvise on one product and continued to develop it which is why it ranked number one on our list of the best metal detectors. Its AT Pro model is part of a more comprehensive series, which also includes Gold and Max, and offers professional performance at an affordable price.

This includes the Garrett AT PRO Metal Detector with Pro-Pointer AT underwater. It is water resistant up to 10 feet or 3 meters.

Its exterior is sturdy. And not just as an outward appearance, the entire structure can easily withstand anything you throw at it. Whether you are looking for coins in the desert in extreme temperatures, a cool mountain forest, or a simple beach, ATPro is the answer.

A few minor additions could have made this product really great. Let us say a missing backlight for different dimming conditions and a pair of waterproof headphones for some underwater mineral hunting activities would be great.


XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector

XP Deus has gained a lot of followers in recent years among professionals, as wireless metal detectors have proven to be reliable companions for experts. The company claims that this model is the next generation of metal detectors. What we found is that it is indeed a flagship model with mediocre customer service and impressive packaging of durability and comfort.

As for its features, a total of 18 programs represent a real revolution in evolution, due to the minimum ground adaptation time. The 18 programs have one unique feature, accurate color discrimination. This is an advanced technology that allows you to hit different frequencies in specific areas.

Therefore, you can neglect or accept targets by spreading audio but without being disturbed by the random audio responses of discarded metals. Finally, the most exciting part is that the device is fully Wi-Fi enabled, and with a battery backup of over 30 hours, you will be ready for a long search.


Metal Detector Garrett Ace 250

This model kept coming up while we were reviewing the Garrett Professional All-Terrain Model. Numerous user reviews suggested that both models can completely replace each other in terms of convenience and usefulness. We chose the ACE 250 because of its underwater expertise, especially in muddy fresh water.

This is a lightweight 2.7 lb model geared towards beginners, but you should control your excitement when you see all the expert features added in this little birdie. The model sits comfortably somewhere in the middle of the prestigious ACE series from Garrett with a decent operating frequency of 6.5 kHz.

It features digital displays that give you a quick idea of ​​the minerals you’ve found before you start digging.

Couldn’t it have been better?

This is ideal for detecting coins, jewelry, and relic hunting, but is not suitable for gold prospecting due to its uncommon cutting and lack of soil mineralization determination feature.


All-Purpose Underwater Metal Detector Fisher 1280X-8

If Garrett’s previous model failed to go too deep in murky waters, increase your detection capabilities with the underwater giant from Fisher, the 128X-8. Fisher is a company with constant innovation, specializing in anything to do with frequency. So, we decided to look beyond their great audio equipment and into something a little outside the box. A metal detector is nothing more than a pickup of frequencies and vibrations and finds accurate results for what is there. Therefore, any audio equipment manufacturer can easily transfer the bandwidth of its work in the field and excel at the same time. This is exactly what Fisher did with this model. The device can go up to 250 feet underwater, due to its low operating frequency of 2.7 kHz. Do not be alarmed by looking at that number because that is what gives the detector more depth than the high-frequency models.

Well, if there is one thing we learned from this list, it is that there are a lot of excellent manufacturers that make many products for different types of consumers. Some aspire to more serious tasks and want nothing less than the latest equipment. On the other hand, there is also a huge base of consumers who are oriented to the basic bottom line which is filled with optimum performance. While the options are endless, it is also easy to fall for the marketing tricks that advertisers put in place to just push their products.

 Here is an extra tip, lightweight detectors are an ideal choice. Another tip: After looking at several other devices that we could not mention in this article, we find XP DEUS to be the best in terms of depth, price, and popularity among users.


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