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Why are metal detectors important in schools ?

Why are metal detectors important in schools?

Why are metal detectors important in schools?

Years ago, the biggest concern for school security was the resolution of fights on the playground. However, over the past several years, the security scene in schools has changed dramatically, and parents and school administrators now have to be on the lookout for threats that were not a concern before. This has resulted in many schools reworking their schools’ security systems, installing video surveillance systems, securing entrances through which unwelcome guests must be baited, and devices such as metal detectors in schools to help eliminate potential threats.

The latter has caused a lot of controversy among some parents. Do the benefits of metal detectors outweigh the drawbacks?


Reducing the risk of hazardous materials entering the school

As mass shootings have become a regular part of everyday headlines in America, for example, school administrators have worked hard to come up with school security solutions to prevent firearms from entering schools. Metal detectors are very effective at alerting staff to any firearms students are trying to smuggle into school – whether they’re bringing them in to mischief or showing off to their friends. They are also useful for spotting knives, bombs, and other dangerous objects that could pose a threat to students and staff alike.

Metal detectors in schools are so helpful in eliminating these threats that their use has steadily increased over the years. America’s National Center for Education Statistics found that the number of students required to pass metal detectors each day fell from less than one percent in the 1999-2000 school year to 2 percent in 2013-2014 (the last year covered by the study).


What is the best type of metal detector for school?

Schools can choose two different types of metal detectors: stationary devices that every person entering the school must pass through or handheld devices ideal for random or individual searches. Fixed metal detectors have the advantage of checking everyone, but they can be expensive; The type of stationary metal detector best suited for schools costs around $4,000 to $5,000 for one detector. In addition to the initial cost, the school will also need to designate someone to operate the metal detector (and specify whether it will run all day or only be used to check on students upon arrival in the morning).

At a cost of a few hundred dollars each, portable metal detectors are more cost-effective but must be used to manually check each student. This makes them less useful when a large number of people arrive for the day and presents concerns about their overall accuracy. They can serve as a useful compromise for schools and parents who are concerned about the price and appearance of stationary metal detectors.


Pros and cons of metal detectors in schools

The increasing number of threats and the desire to keep students safe has led to a variety of safety strategies in schools and many administrators and parents weighing the pros and cons of metal detectors.

Their features include the ability to confiscate dangerous hidden weapons before these weapons are taken out and used. Having metal detectors can act as a deterrent for students who are considering bringing a gun to school. The theme is also highlighted to the community that the school management is working on the front lines to keep their school safe. The role of wide community awareness plays an important role in reducing these accidents.

However, for some parents, the presence of metal detectors makes the school seem harsh and unwelcoming. Cost is also a concern, as employees must be recruited and trained to use metal detectors properly. The school also needs someone to operate the device and stand in front of the metal detector to help students, staff and visitors remove any items that may create false alarms as they pass.

It is up to parents and school administrators to work together to determine if metal detectors are the right solution for their students. An increasing number of schools have decided the answer is yes and are using metal detectors as one piece in their overall school security strategy. Especially with the spread of these incidents and the increase in crime rates among teenagers.

In general, the most important role, frankly speaking, is to monitor the abnormal, aggressive and rude behaviors of adolescents and closely follow them, because they inevitably reflect the characteristics of any aggressive behavior that may be done by a student or a teenager. Parental control also plays a role in the films and series that the young man watches today, which may reinforce the concept of crime and encourage him to do something imitating them.


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