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Gold Monster 1000 Minelab-Gold-Monster-1000-Review

Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Review

Gold Monster 1000

Gold Monster 1000 is a gold detector that operates using VLF technology, a standard in the detector industry for decades. Some of the key features indicate that it is likely to be a great nugget detector at a very reasonable price.

The metal detector is also designed with a set of coils and rods to enable you to configure and customize it so that it can suit your needs. Made with a removable control box and a set of rods the detector will be easy to store transport and be configured to work in different environments.

The Minelab Gold Monster 1000 is also advertised as being fully-automatic, indicating that it will have automatic ground balancing and a selection of sensitivity settings.

According to Minelab, the metal detector will have a number of great features that are likely to make it one of the best introductory gold detectors to hit the market in several years.

Key Features

The Minelab Gold Monster 1000 is being marketed for some of the lesser explored areas such as Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. These are generally new users who are interested in simple functionality and durability, although I expect that both novice and experienced prospectors will love this detector.

Adjustments and Settings

This metal detector has a fully automatic search mode. What this means is that it will have less adjustments than many other gold detectors on the market. In fact, the design of the automatic search is in direct response to African prospectors in a number of countries who feel that too many buttons for customizing your metal detector are a big hindrance when metal detecting.

The automatic search mode makes it easy for anyone to use the metal detector. For example, the ground balancing is automatic which eliminates the need for ground balancing button. Sensitivity adjustment and noise canceling are also automatic which makes it easy for use in any condition.

VLF Technology For Gold

The Minelab Gold Monster 1000 is built to use the super sensitive VLF technology. It operates at 45 kHz, which should be a nice balance between sensitivity to small gold and stability in mineralized ground. Ideally it will be possible to detect even the smallest gold nuggets.

Although sensitivity is automatically adjusted depending on the mineralization of where you are detecting, you still can adjust it manually to suit your specific needs.

Comfort During Use

With changeable rods and coils, the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 can be configured for use in almost any condition. You can adjust the rod for storage and transportation. It can also be configured for use comfortably with both the tallest and the shortest people.

If you feel that the standard metal detector that you use is either too long or too short for you then this should be a perfect replacement to your old detector. It can be adjusted to suit any height making it comfortable for almost anyone. The settings are adjustable using a simple push button display.

Gold Chance Indicator

The device has simple easy to read and understand visual Gold Chance indicator on screen that displays probability (Low or High) of gold nuggets presence in searched area below the coil. as a result it is breeze for the user to dig in right spots, so it will get best results .

Sensitivity Options

The device has 3 sensitivity settings , so the user of the device can select from these options : Manual for manual adjustment of sensitivity. Auto for automatic adjustment of sensitivity. Auto+ automatic adjustment with more accurate results.

The user of Gold Monster 1000 can adjust volume of device tones and sounds to suit his hearing, with 6 volume levels.

Underwater Gold Nugget Hunting

Gold Monster 1000 a simple easy to use gold detector device as it is developed exclusively for natural gold nuggets detection in all terrains. Gold Monster 1000 From Minelab is the easiest gold detector to use, because of its simplicity and unique features such as gold chance indicator and automatic ground balance , also a minimum controls need.

Despite of its simplicity, Gold Monster 1000 is effective device and includes latest advancement in natural gold detection technology that offers high-end performance and reliable results , The prospector can use the device with minimum settings adjustment and short practice because of its fully automatic operation and special features. also it has simple interface and minimum buttons. so the user of the device can use it easily. Despite of its simplicity , it is high-performance device.

It outperforms all other VLF (very low frequency) gold detectors, as generally low frequencies are more sensitive to bigger gold nuggets and higher frequencies are more sensitive to smaller gold nuggets, so this device has a combination of optimal sensitivity and frequency. but it is a best device because of its low price.

Work flawlessly in all terrains and conditions, tested in all circumstances in Africa, Australia and worldwide and performed well with awesome results. So this gold detector is a perfect choice because it can be used, in whatsoever terrains and soil types .

The device has simple easy to read and understand visual Gold Chance indicator on screen that displays probability (Low or High) of gold nuggets presence in searched area below the coil. as a result it is breeze for the user to dig in right spots, so it will get best results .

The Minelab Gold Monster 1000 is billed to be a great metal detector for gold prospectors. It is fully automatic which makes it easy for both beginners and experts to use. It also comes with a set of coils, allows for rod configuration and is super sensitive which makes it ideal for anyone.

If you love gold prospecting then this is likely to be a very good detector to consider adding to your arsenal. Although the marketing of this detector is likely targeted to African and Middle Eastern customers, there is no doubt that it will work well in the American and Australian goldfields as well.

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