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Old white metal detector parts

Old white metal detector parts

  • White’s Metal Detectors

White’s electronics and ergonomics are excellent, making your metal detecting excursions even more enjoyable and efficient. Most White’s metal detectors are waterproof, come with headphones, and generally feature a built-in pinpointer. With excellent ground balance and target ID features, control boxes built to last, and included concentric search coils White’s machines can accompany you whether you are prospecting, relic hunting, or coin hunting. Virtually every made in the USA White’s metal detector will provide you with years of enjoyment and high-quality hunting.


  • White’s Pinpointers

One of the most important accessories that you need when you go metal detecting is a good, durable pinpointer. Pinpointers give you the ability to find your target faster, saving both time and effort. Luckily for metal detectorists everywhere, White’s produces one of the best-selling pinpointers on the market.


  • White’s Parts & Accessories

Whether you are on the hunt for an aftermarket waterproof search coil to enhance your metal detector’s performance, or you are searching for the perfect pair of headphones, White’s produces all kinds of treasure hunting accessories. Search coils come in a wide variety of designs and prices, providing you with plenty of options. If you are a relic hunter looking to cover a lot of ground with each swing, consider one of their high-quality DD search coils. If you are in a high-trash area, consider a small concentric coil. If you are buying a coil, be sure to purchase a coil cover, as White’s wants you to protect your investment so it will last you longer. Are you looking for a pair of headphones, chargers, carrying cases, or any spare metal detector parts? White’s has designed and produced hundreds of these accessories with their exacting quality standards in mind, so there is no reason not to purchase parts and accessories from this company.


  • White’s Gold Prospecting Equipment

In addition to its many excellent metal detectors, pinpointers, and accessories, White’s also produces some world-renowned gold prospecting gear. Whether you are in the market for the White’s treasure hunting kit or you are looking at their gold detectors, you have many options. Their various search coils that have been designed for gold prospecting are some of the best in the industry. If you have been cursed with the gold fever, there is no reason not to give White’s gold prospecting equipment a try.


  • How Much Do Whites Detectors Cost?

Whites metal detectors start around $200 and range all the way to $1,400. If you are new to metal detecting, you can start off with one of their beginner detectors and if you are an experienced detectorist, they have you covered there too with the Spectra V3i model.



If you’ve just purchased a new metal detector, you may not need any spare parts. There are plenty of accessories that can enhance your experience, however. 

If your metal detector needs a spare part, an upgrade, or a fix, we can help you find the parts you need. Most metal detectors have three main components: the control box, the search coil, and the shaft. Many metal detectors also feature a stabilizer to keep your metal detector steady. 

We provide various metal detector parts to fix, replace, or upgrade your equipment. The shaft of your metal detector is relatively easy to replace, and we offer an extensive assortment of metal detector shafts from various brands. If your metal detector’s shaft is damaged, or if you can’t adjust your metal detector to fit your height, Treasures in America can help you find the part you need. 

Another part you may need is a search coil. The coil is the part that actually detects metal by creating a magnetic field. If your metal detector has stopped detecting metal, you may need to replace the search coil. You can also upgrade your metal detector with a more powerful or more focused search coil.



Your choice of metal detecting tools will depend on the type of detecting you plan on doing: where you’re searching, what you’re searching for, and other factors. 

We offer a wide range of accessories to fit every treasure hunter’s needs. Common accessories fit for most treasure hunters include items like headphones, so you can better hear when your detector alerts you to a found treasure, as well as other audio accessories for metal detecting. We also provide assorted cables and adaptors for charging, audio, and more. 

Other accessories include items like harnesses and armrests, to make you more comfortable while carrying heaving equipment for treasure hunting. To protect your metal detector from damage, we can also provide carrying bags, protective covers, screen protectors, coil covers and skid plates, and other protective gear.

Metal detectors are good for finding silver, gold, and jewelry. So, the question of whether or not it can locate diamonds seems to make sense.

But as mentioned, metal detectors can only locate ferrous and non-ferrous metals. So, it will not detect diamonds as they do not have metallic properties. The same principle applies to gemstones and pearls.

However, you can detect a diamond embedded in a ring. This piece of jewelry usually consists of silver, gold, or other malleable metals that are electrically conductive.

Furthermore, your metal detector will not detect other items such as papers, bones, gemstones, stone figures, and pearls.

Silver is one of the most common metals used for making jewelry. For this reason, it is understandable if metal detector users are trying to target silver jewelry when they are metal detecting. But will this metal set off a metal detector?

Silver jewelry all contain alloy metals. The most common metals added to them are copper and nickel. Moreover, these metals are good conductors of electricity. For this reason, silver is not one of the metals that a metal detector cannot detect.

In addition, silver is the best element to conduct electricity. So, if there is a silver piece of jewelry in the area where you are metal detecting, it will undoubtedly set off a metal detector. Even silver-plated metals can set off a metal detector.

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