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Best 3d metal detectors 2021-2022

Best 3D metal detectors

Best 3D metal detectors

Technological advances today have allowed metal detectors to make a technological leap and move to 3D capabilities! Where 3D metal detectors are one of the most powerful and innovative detection systems for: gold, metals and treasures buried underground. 


How it works 

The mechanism of action of these devices varies according to the way the waves are transmitted and how the magnetic field is created around the important elements. 

They are either: 

– Radar 

– Electromagnetic system 

– Photogrammetry 

It is able to present 3D graphics on your detector screen, allowing you to get a better idea of ​​what you have found. The devices are able to detect gold and other archaeological treasures with greater ease and depth! 3D Live Visualization technology helps you identify even the name of the mineral you have discovered. Other than that, it is not affected by the topography of the area in which you are searching. Rather, it can be used as sandy soil, rocky areas, clay and basalt rocks.


What is the difference between a 3D device and an ordinary metal detector? 

There are many differences between a general detector and a 3D detector. One of the main differences is that the typical detector is designed to operate at a frequency lower than that of 3D detectors, to allow the detection of relics, coins and other metals of large conductivity and size. On the other hand, 3D detectors can operate at much higher frequencies even in difficult ground conditions … They can pick up metals, such as gold in particular, even in very small sizes. They also do a much better job when it comes to differentiation. Usually another difference also lies in the file size. The file size for 3D devices is usually smaller than average. This allows the device to be more sensitive to smaller targets, such as very small pieces of gold. The latter usually weighs less than a gram. The smaller the coil, the smaller the metal it can detect.


What are the best 3D metal detectors on the market? 

There is a large variety of models available on the market today! However, keep in mind that these devices are more expensive than regular ones. But for sure, you will have a much better user experience with 3D detectors as you will get a better and clearer picture of the environment and you will also have a higher chance of finding treasures. Also keep in mind that some of these detectors are better for regular targets like coins, while others are more suitable for larger treasures. 

Some of the best examples of 3D metal detectors include: 

Makro Deep hunter 

DRS 3D Stealth Ground Scanner Pro 

Makro New Jobhunter 3D Dual System


When to choose a 3D detector? 

There are a certain number of cases in which you should choose such a device: 

– Price: Like I said a little while ago, these devices are generally quite expensive…so if you can’t afford them, you probably shouldn’t put yourself in a position to get it. However, if you have a big budget then why not? It will definitely be a great experience! 

– Buried Treasures: If you are looking for treasures and you are sure they are in a certain place (using an old map for example), then choosing this machine is probably a great investment. I mean the ROI is going to be massive… 

– Gold-filled points: If you live in a country that is rich in valuables, but in small sizes such as gold nuggets or platinum, of course you can use a regular gold detector … However, in full areas, it would be better to use a 3D device where you will find the objects more Faster and more interesting ROI will be. 

– High Depth: In general, normal machines can’t go deeper than 13 or 14 inches at best… So, what if your targets are located much deeper, or much deeper (300 or 400 inches), that’s why Legit to pick one. 

– Underground Work: Suppose you want to do any kind of underground work on a particular land. You probably need to make sure that there are no things like underground electrical wires for example… A 3D machine will be very useful in this case, and you will get the exact information about where that kind of thing is so you don’t get hurt.


What discoveries should you expect with a 3D metal detector? 

These devices enable you to find a wide spectrum of precious metals in their entirety such as gold, silver and platinum but in reality, they cannot find precious stones… The only way for normal devices is to use gold as an indicator, in other words, whenever gold is found in appropriate quantities, it means That there are good chances of finding gems. What makes 3D hardware able to overcome this limitation is the presence of the CPU control technology of the smart microcomputer and then the amount of detections you should expect will be much higher! This is simply because of their search range which can be up to 800 meters (2624 feet), with a varying detection depth of at least 14 to 16 meters (about 50 feet). 


What about the laws surrounding the use of 3D metal detectors? 

There is no special law governing the use of these devices! The same laws that apply to the use of regular detectors also apply to the use of 3D detectors. You can walk around it without permission most of the time. However, at the same time, in such countries as China, Russia, Portugal and some other countries, since this hobby is generally prohibited, this also applies to advanced machines from detectors. If you are caught using it in these countries, you could be fined, your device could be confiscated, and in some extreme cases you could face possible imprisonment. At the same time, in countries like the UK, you can use it as much as you have the required license/permit. In the US, this depends a lot on the state you’re heading to, but in most cases, the restrictions are very limited. 


Where to buy 3D detectors? 

You can easily order it online or at stores that sell metal detectors and other related equipment. While these stores usually keep mid-priced detectors, you may have some difficulty finding 3D devices, since their prices are higher than regular devices and not many detectors come to look for them. However, it is possible for the store owner to order one for you if you paid in advance or placed a confirmed order with him.


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