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Diamond finder

Diamond finder

How do you actually find gems with a metal detector? It is easy!

Today, as you search for precious metals underground, you begin to wonder what other types of materials your metal detectors might be able to find. Everyone wants to uncover some gems. 

Theoretically, the components of minerals and stones within the earth’s crust are one, so metal detectors are very efficiently able to locate gemstones by finding index materials. When you are prospecting, you can use common pointers to lead you to those desired gems. Learning the different types of pointers will be the best way to find gems with a metal detector. 

You may also be lucky and find gemstones associated with metal objects such as jewelry. So, even though the detector can’t find the gem itself, we’ll cover some great tips so you can try to track down some gems on your next metal detector trip.


Learning what types of indicators to look for is the first step

Coincidentally (and fortunately), many indicators that work with gold, will also guide you to diamonds. Here are some of the most common pointers you can use to find gems. 

  • Glass green olives 
  • Chromium Agate 
  • magnetite 

These mineral pointers are great leads when looking for gold or many types of gemstones. Some of the more common gems found when using these pointers are: 



They are usually found around locations where gold is also found. Ruby Sapphire is a type of sapphire that has turned red due to the presence of chromium. Although chromium is not always found with metal detectors because it is usually seen as alloys rather than pure metals, it can sometimes be detected, leading you to this beautiful red gemstone. 



Sapphire is another gem similar to diamond that appears around many areas of popular gold. You will find that the colors of sapphires can vary based on the rare minerals present. So, when you find a sapphire, be aware of the indicators you used and the colors you ended up getting! 



Also known as olivine, it is often confused with emerald. If you are looking in an area for gold and find a small item that looks like emerald, you will most likely have found peridot, as it is also common in gold-rich areas. 



Agate is not only a beautiful gemstone, but it is also an easy indication that diamonds may also be nearby. So, if you can spot garnet, you may be directed to diamond by this find.


What type of detector is best for finding gemstones? 

Using a gold detector will be your best bet for finding gems. Because its features are stronger than standard general metal detectors and work better in mineral soils. Their depth of discovery and superior functionality will better navigate fertile soil, allowing you to find smaller items in harsh conditions. 

Most metal detectors should have no problems locating any of the common indicators. But to be sure, always do your research on potential new detectors and make sure they can find the indicators you are looking for. 


Where do you look for natural gemstones? 

If you’re out for a casual day of metal detecting and don’t have a specific goal in mind, you may be out of luck and discover a missing ring or forgotten necklace. 


Searching for diamonds: 

Gemstones like diamonds are some of the most common stones found in nature, rather than being associated with a piece of jewelry. Any areas with erosion and volcanic activity would be great locations to look for diamonds. 

A great tip is to keep an eye on streams or moving water near these areas, as water usually tends to wash a few of them away. Although your metal detector will not be able to identify the diamond itself, it can help you identify the diamond. 

By using index tracking and knowing where there is a lot of activity for these mineral compounds, you will be able to focus on specific areas. Diamonds in their rough form are nothing spectacular to look at. So the combination of using pointers to get to a mineral-rich area and being vigilant in a visual search will help you discover it.


Deep mantle rocks 

When you come across deep mantle rocks, you may be able to find some gems nearby. When these rocks were pushed to the surface by various geological processes, they came with some gifts in the form of small gemstones that had sat deep below the surface until now. 

You may also want to look for any nearby waterways, for the same reason that you should check flows near volcanic activity for diamonds. The water can be rich in gemstones that have washed away. 

When you come across these deep mantle rocks, take out your detector and start looking for any common clues that might lead you to this natural treasure. 


Where do you look for polished gemstones? 

The use of special detectors will also help in the event that gems associated with jewelry are found. While the excitement of searching for natural gemstones that have been crushed underground for years is exciting – you’ll likely have a better chance of finding a lost ring with a beautiful sapphire at the end. 

The best places to look for gem-studded jewelry will be in high traffic areas. Think scenic spots, outdoor concerts, sports venues, outdoor restaurants, or popular outdoor romantic spots. 

Farmer Insurance has shared the delightful story of a man who found over 225 rings with his metal detector and collected the rings with their owners. 

He states that beaches are one of the best places to find these items. Whether it was from the wrong display or just a gem bracelet that fell from someone’s beach bag, the sand is full of treasure left.


In search of gems using a metal detector 

If you have a metal detector and want to start finding some of the earth’s treasures known as gemstones, you can start to learn more about the pointers that will lead you there. Understanding the indications commonly found about different gemstones will help you multiply your efforts. 

Although you may not be a major prospector, you can easily look for common indicators in the areas you are looking for, and what these indicators might lead you to. 

Make sure you have the right equipment, a keen eye for natural gems, and a working knowledge of pointers, and you’ll be on the right track. 


Gem and diamond finder

If you are a fan of gem and diamond detection, you will find a group of the latest devices specialized in detecting diamonds and gemstones. The sapphire program, a program for the garnet until the end of the group of precious and precious stones, the devices operate in the front range in addition to great depths of up to 50 meters underground, and one of the most successful devices in searching for this target is the German Mega Diamond GPS device.


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