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Top 5 Metal Detectors For ALL Purposes

Top 5 Metal Detectors For ALL Purposes

The metal detectors market has many options to suit all needs and goals. There are many people who want and tend to buy a multi-use metal detector, especially if they are beginners, as these devices help them detect many treasures of various forms, such as detecting coins, gold, jewelry and others. Below we will mention the most important multi-use metal detectors with the advantages of each.


  • Garrett ACE 400 I

This device is considered one of the simplest and easiest to use metal detectors, which is why it is preferred by a large number of beginners. And of course, it has a set of features that make it an ideal choice


Usage :

This device is used to detect metals, coins and jewelry in various forms at shallow depths inside the ground, underwater or on the beach.



1- The frequency of the device can be controlled, despite its high sensitivity to small metal targets, but the frequency can be adjusted to reduce the nearby noise emanating from other metal detectors close to it.

2- The device has five detection modes, and this greatly helps in detecting metals in the most appropriate conditions according to the type of target and the existing terrain.

3- The device contains the iron audio program, which emits a special sound when there is a target made of iron, and this saves a lot of time and effort and keeps you from drilling in vain.

4- The device is also characterized by being light in weight and small in size, which makes it easy to move and use.

5- The device includes a depth indicator, which gives an approximate value of the depth of the target in the soil.

6- It is characterized by its economic price and is suitable for all categories.


  • Minelab Equinox 800

This device belongs to the Australian company Minelab and includes many features that make it one of the most important multi-use metal detectors.



1- This device has the feature of multi-iq frequencies, which means that this device can use different frequencies at the same time, and of course this means discovering more targets in less time. And not only that, but you can discover different types of metals such as gold, silver and copper in different sizes.

2- The device provides four detection modes that allow the possibility of detecting metals in various forms of terrain and conditions, and these modes are: field mode, public parks mode, gold mode, and beach mode.

3- The device contains the digital target identifier, which ranges from -9 to 40, and according to the number, the type of metal in the ground is known.

4- The device is distinguished by its modern design in addition to being waterproof, which makes it ideal for detecting metals in beaches.


  • Nokta multi Kruzer

This device provides you with a unique experience in prospecting for gold and ancient coins, and it reaches a depth of approximately 2 meters.



1- This device has 6 different search modes that suit different types of targets and can work on many forms of terrain.

2- The device contains the digital target identifier, which ranges from 00 to 99, and according to the result, the type of metal buried underground can be identified.

3- The additional search depth feature can be used in order to discover different minerals in soils with a high mineralization rate, for example, which can give wrong results.


  • Lorenz deep max z2 device

This detector is one of the latest devices issued by the German Lorenz company, and it is the updated version of the Lorenz Deep Max Z1 device, which has better features and has a higher sensitivity.



This device is used to detect buried antiquities in addition to detecting treasures made of gold, silver and precious jewelry.



1- It is considered one of the metal detectors with pulsed induction, which is suitable for searching in great depths.

2- It is considered one of the easiest devices to detect metals in large areas.

3- It has a high sensitivity to various types of metals.

4- It is not affected by salty water or temperature changes.


  • Fisher f 44

The American company Fisher Lab has manufactured this distinguished device in order to detect various types of metals and precious treasures, and it is considered one of the best metal detectors for beginners.



1- A metal detector of this type can be used in difficult and harsh weather conditions, as it is resistant to water and dust.

2- The device has 5 modes of operation: Jewelry Mode, Money Mode, Antiquities Mode, Custom Mode, and All Metal Mode.

3- You can adjust the ground balance settings in the device to suit the terrain and soil.

4- This device is characterized by its economic price, which suits everyone.


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