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3D Metal Detectors All-You-Need-to-Know-About-3D-metal-detectors

3D Metal Detectors || All You Need to Know

3D Metal Detectors

3D Metal Detectors Technological advances today have allowed metal detectors to make a technological leap and move to 3D capabilities! Where 3D metal detectors are one of the most powerful and innovative detection systems for: gold, metals and treasures buried underground.

How it works 

The mechanism of action of these devices varies according to the way the waves are transmitted and how the magnetic field is created around the important elements.

They are either:

– Radar

– Electromagnetic system

– Photogrammetry

It is able to present 3D graphics on your detector screen, allowing you to get a better idea of ​​what you have found. The devices are able to detect gold and other archaeological treasures with greater ease and depth! 3D Live Visualization technology helps you identify even the name of the mineral you have discovered. Other than that, it is not affected by the topography of the area in which you are searching. Rather, it can be used as sandy soil, rocky areas, clay and basalt rocks.


GR-3 PLUS 3D Metal Detectors is a small-size lightweight metal detector, easy to use to find deep buried treasures with 3D visualization of scan data of target area via analysis app that can be installed on both Android or iOS tablets and smartphones.

GR-3 PLUS device was designed in the form of a stick-shaped probe that is used to conduct a ground scan, and the ground scan measurement data stored and transmitted to be visualized as 3D graphics via 3D analysis app that gives the prospector with detailed tools to analyze the data and know all details about buried treasures like metal type, size and depth visually.

All these great features included in GR-3 PLUS comes also at great price tag that fit all beginner or amateur  prospectors , but even can be used by professional treasure hunters and deliver reliable ground scanner for all purposes.

3D Ground Scan Technology , GR-3 PLUS device is basically a ground scanner probe with built-in sensors, it incorporates 2 high precision (dual) sensor system called CN-D Sensor that enable to penetrate ground layers to reach greater depth and gives the user more accurate high-resolution data for 3D visualization.

3D Analysis App , GR-3 PLUS 3D Metal Detectors can display its scanned data visually on any supported Android or iOS devices such as tablets or smartphones, and that done using GR-3 PLUS analysis app that can be installed to show the scan data as 3D graphics that represent structure of scanned area and what it contains of possible targets like golden treasure or tunnel or normal ground.

The analysis app is bundled with powerful tools to analyze that data to give user useful information about buried targets such as position, depth and metal type.

Infinity Max Pro

Infinity Max Pro is the most powerful metal detector and gold detector ever with the largest integrated set of search and scan tools that provides all metal search technologies in a comprehensive and integrated device that can be used in multiple detection applications including archaeological exploration, natural gold detection and treasure detection at great depths plus underground cavities detection such as tunnels, caves and basements.

Infinity Max Pro device includes the latest developments and new improved technologies in metal detection from the German company Mega Detection, which have been integrated into the device through 12 diverse search systems to provide the best results for professional prospectors and treasure hunters.

Infinity Max Pro metal detector, through the device software available in 12 languages provides a rich user experience through wide options to adjust the search process and control its settings while watching the various visual indicators on the screen to ensure the best results before starting the excavation.

Infinity Max Pro is the most comprehensive and integrated device in terms of providing all the technologies for searching for minerals that were reached through a set of ground scan probes, sensors and search coils that provide the prospector with everything he needs to find and detect treasures and excavate antiquities.

MULTI GROUND SCANNER (M.G.S.60) It is the probe that is used to conduct a 3D Metal Detectors of the ground area in search of metal targets and potential treasures, through included patented ground scan technology and includes the advantage of covering a larger area when scanning at each scan point through four built-in sensors, which guarantees the prospector shortening time and effort, and ensuring a more accurate result compared to point scanning probes.

Gold Star 3D Metal Detectors

Gold Star 3D Metal Detectors is a multi-system and multi-purpose metal detector for multiple uses and applications for beginner and professional prospectors and treasure hunters. It is the latest release in 2022 from Mega Detection a German company specialized in metal detection devices, that includes the latest technologies and innovations in the field of metal detection, gold prospecting and archaeological treasure detection.

Gold Star 3D Metal Detectors is considered the most complete device in terms of functionality and applications that can be used for, thanks to the eight search systems available in the device that provide beginners and professional prospectors alike with all the tools necessary to find buried treasures and ancient monuments.

Gold Star 3D Metal Detectors is the first device from the German company in which the ground scanning technology has been integrated in order to provide a powerful search mechanism with guaranteed results, with visual results displayed on the device’s screen or via a tablet bundled with device.

Gold Star 3D Metal Detectors is the first device in the world that includes 8 search systems with multiple search technologies, including long-range detection systems, 3D Metal Detectors and other technologies.
The eight search systems provide multiple ways to search for different types of metal targets, ancient and archaeological treasures at different and deep depths. The appropriate search system can be used for the purpose of the search, and more than one search system can be used to ensure more reliable and accurate results.

Phoenix Metal Detector

Phoenix Metal Detector device from the German company Mega Detection is the latest release of the company, and it is a comprehensive ground imaging scanner, the first device in the world that includes all the imaging scanning technologies in one device, through three different search systems.

Phoenix Metal Detector includes a completely new technology to scan the ground via the MGS multi-ground scanner and the VST high-signal transmitter and receiver probe, which provide professional surveying tools to scan the ground to great depths accurately and quickly with visual representation of the scanning results on the device screen or via the tablet via the Multi Visual application Analyzer.

Phoenix device, via scanning tools and built-in search systems, is a versatile device with which it can search for golden treasures and burials at great depths, excavate antiquities, detect all kinds of minerals, as well as detect voids, tunnels and caves.

Phoenix ground scanner is a professional metal detector dedicated to the work of professional prospectors, but at the same time easy to use for amateurs and novices in the field of burial detection thanks to its multilingual program with a simplified graphic interface that provides the user with a smooth user experience in setting the ground survey settings, choosing search systems, and visually displaying results that ensure the best performance In detecting all buried targets accurately.

Phoenix device includes all imaging scanning technologies in one device through three search systems that use the two previous probes. The search systems provide the user with the ability to use the device for multiple applications according to the purpose of the search.

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