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Best electromagnetic metal detectors

Best electromagnetic metal detectors

Metal detectors are varied and characterized by continuous development and progress in terms of designs, weights, technologies and systems… Metal detector companies are witnessing fierce competition among themselves in order to provide the best competing devices to the customer that help him find metals and gold with very accurate results. Among the latest metal detectors in the world are electromagnetic metal detectors. These devices are distinguished by their strength, depth and accuracy in displaying the correct result and their ability to distinguish between different metals, even in deep distances! Knowing that electromagnetic metal detectors are the most widespread, most effective and productive in the world! Electromagnetic metal detectors are the most widespread metal detectors around the world! In our following words, we will present to you the best electromagnetic metal detectors and their most important advantages and components! 


Black Fisher + Device

The Black Fisher + device is a gold detector, metal detector, coins and ancient treasures that is often used specifically for the detection of gold metals. The Black Fisher + device is one of the best electromagnetic metal detectors that combines vision and sound and shows the correct exploration results up to a depth of 3 meters! The manufacturer of the FIHER LABS Black+ is FIHER LABS in America. Fisher black + device is equipped with a clear and large LCD screen through which the results of the exploration are displayed. You can control the brightness of the screen that shows the results and work in different lighting conditions and ensure clear vision. You can use the Black Fisher + device detect a lot of small or large metals to a depth of up to 3 meters maximum! This device works in various weather and natural conditions and is equipped with a special filter to distinguish between minerals. The device is also equipped with a rechargeable and storage battery that works for forty hours continuously! The Fisher Black has a waterproof dial for use on the beach or in wet locations. One of the most important advantages of the device is that it is light in weight and easy to use, so it ranks among the best electromagnetic metal detectors!


Lorenz Z1 

Lorenz Z1 is a metal detector that works according to electromagnetic sound systems and is dedicated to detecting the original German gold! The device works to show the most accurate results in gold prospecting for distances of up to 6 meters maximum! The device detects gold minerals based on its electromagnetic system easily and accurately, regardless of soil types and terrain forms. The device is equipped with many accessories such as a 35 cm search disk to search for small objects within deep distances. And a rechargeable battery, battery charger and arm that holds search disks and a USB memory stick for storing information and transferring it later. 

The customer is free to buy all the discs and accessories and everything that is attached to the main device! The device works easily and simply and with an easy and interactive mechanism, and it is one of the best electromagnetic metal detectors.


Impact Pro 

Impact metal detector from the Turkish company Nokta – Macro

It is the best multi-use and high-performance electromagnetic metal detector in all natural conditions and terrains. Within two years of its issuance, the Impact device proved its capabilities and reliability through the experiences of prospectors and through real success and discovery stories, such as the discovery of coins, statues and ancient antiquities using the device by researchers from different countries of the world. 

The main feature of the device is the Multi-Frequency feature, which was first introduced through this device, which allows the use of one of the three available search frequencies and switching between them when searching to suit the discovery of different targets and multiple applications. In addition, the device includes many features and very diverse functions to facilitate the work of prospectors and treasure hunters, including, for example, 12 different search modes for custom detection applications, the digital ID feature of the target, hiding a specific field of search, as well as eliminating iron, special audio tones, and ground balancing features. The Impact device is recommended for every new researcher or a hobbyist and even a professional because it is the device that enables you to discover your buried metal targets easily and conveniently and offers you the best investment for your money thanks to its low price, which is your gateway to the world of treasure discovery. 


Garrett ICI Apex Device 

The Garrett IC II Apex is Garrett’s new innovative Multi-Flex Metal Detector, a multi-frequency feature. Presented in Nokta Impact and Minelab Vanquish, but with the best performance and sensitivity. Multi-Flex technology gives the prospector great versatility in detection applications for different types of ferrous or non-ferrous metals and to detect buried objects of different sizes in all types of soil and terrain. 

The Garrett Ace Apex combines modern design with excellent performance and greater detection depth on a variety of targets, as well as fast target recovery speed and a variety of practical uses to suit all the needs of prospectors and treasure hunters.


Metal detector prices: 

The prices of metal detectors vary, including the prices of the best electromagnetic metal detectors.. depending on the device, time, available offers and many other factors…and it is noticeable that the best electromagnetic metal detectors are in a prestigious degree of demand and are witnessing a price increase, especially for generations and modern devices!

When the magnetic field does encounter a target some of the energy of the field will be stored within the object. This will cause the reflected pulse to have less energy and in turn take longer to decay to zero. The reason why having less energy causes the pulse to take longer to decay to zero is that the energy is being transferred through electromagnetic waves. When energy is taken from the wavelength it becomes longer, or rather less frequent, and therefore slower.

Up to the point where the reflected pulse is measured, the signal being sampled, which is collected from the RX coil, contains only the signal from the TX coil which has been reduced in voltage by a resistor as to not overload it. When the reflected pulse is also present the signal being sent from the RX to the sampling circuit is changed. The signal which is sampled is then averaged to create a reference voltage which eventually becomes the voltage of the DC current powering the alert system. A higher voltage will result in a higher volume, or a higher pitch, or even a higher frequency of clicks.

Very Low Frequency detects metal by allowing a constant alternating electric current to pass through a coil to create an electromagnetic field. The polarity of that electric current is reversed thousands of times per second to create what is known as the transmit frequency. Any conductive object which encounters the magnetic field will be induced by the rapidly changing magnetic field to create something known as eddy currents. These eddy currents produce a magnetic field for the conductive object which has a polarity pointed opposite to the transmit field.

The Rx coil is arranged in a way, relative to the TX coil, that causes energy from the magnetic field of the TX coil to not affect the amount of net energy within the RX coil. This means that if a magnetic field was created by eddy currents within a conductive object then that would be the only force acting upon the RX coil. If any current is present then, in the RX coil, it will be sampled and converted to a DC current which powers an alert device. The greater the current in the RX coil the greater the current going to the alert device. This causes it to increase in volume, change pitch, or even increase in frequency of clicks (Much like a pulse inducing metal detector).

Discrimination between types of metal and determination of depth is possible with very low frequency coils. This is because each metal exabits its own unique response to magnetic fields and have varying levels of conductivity. Additionally, because the time between induction and sampling will increase over distance. Ultimately, this data is all processed and then categorized by a mini-processor within the metal detector that has been programmed with a common constant value for these occurrences.

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