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Gold Detector Circuit

Gold Detector Circuit

Gold Detector Circuit

The gold detector circuit consists simply of a group of simple elements consisting of the power source,

which is usually a group of several standard alkaline batteries AA size or a lithium-ion battery, and then

a wire to transfer energy to the electrical conditions that are part of the circuit and are of two types

received and transmit coil in electromagnetic metal detectors .

Gold Detector Circuit

In practice, the circuit is more complex and contains more elements than the usual electrical circuit

elements such as resistors, capacitors and other electrical elements such as any electrical device

Gold Detector Circuit Diagram

The gold detector circuit diagram is represented according to an electrical diagram showing the elements

used in the circuit and their relationship to each other and can be simple from several basic elements

such as power source – resistors – capacitors – circuit breakers and control switches.

Or it can be very complex and contains hundreds of different elements that will be printed in the form

of an integrated circuit when making the electrical circuit.

Here in following pictures an example about simple home-made metal detector  circuit and other

professional metal detector made by Fisher Labs:home made metal detector circuit

Source :


fisher labs detector circuit

source : Fisher Labs

Long Range Gold Detector Circuit Diagram

For a long range metal detector , the circuit and circuit diagram

can be more sophisticated with different design and elements not available in electromagnetic metal detectors.

Below is an example of a circuit diagram for a long-range gold detector

3D Gold Detector

3D gold detector is a sophisticated and complex metal detector with more sophisticated circuits and more features.

These devices called 3D Imaging metal detectors, a device that use special probes for ground scanning.

The scan results are usually displayed on a computer screen or Tablet in a three-dimensional diagram

showing the structure of the ground in the search area and the targets buried in it.

These devices are characterized by high accuracy and coverage of a wide field of scan and multiple features

that ensure the accurate results for the prospector and professional searcher.

Examples: Nokta Invenio, OKM EXP 6000

Metal Scanner

Metal scanner or 3D ground scanners are the most powerful and professional type

of metal detector with accurate and reliable results.

The best tools for excavating ancient treasures at very deep depths, such as bronze statues – ancient

weapons such as swords and shields – gold coin boxes. Etc.

Metal scanner perform a scan of the ground through a special sensor that measures the magnetism

of multiple points within a rectangular search area and records the results and collects and represents

them in the form of a three-dimensional drawing on the screen of the metal detector or

most likely on the screen of a tablet or computer.

The results are analyzed through a special application or program that enables reviewing

the three-dimensional spatial representation of the scanned land and the locations and

type of metal detected targets as well as their precise depth.

Underwater Metal Detecting

Some metal detectors are distinguished by being waterproof, that is, they can be used under water

to search for lost minerals, for example, in rivers, lakes, and on the seashore or the ocean.

Usually, these devices are designed to cover them with a relatively simple depth

of 3 to 5 meters without affecting their electrical circuits, for example:

On the other hand, there are professional devices designed especially for research in the depths

of the seas and oceans, and can withstand depths greater than 60 meters, for example.

Metal Detecting Tools

Metal detecting tools include many classifications of various devices or tools that help in the detection process.

For example, we mention:

  • Metal Detectors devices
  • Search coils for electromagnetic metal detectors.
  • Drilling tools such as shovel and spades and so on.
  • Pin pointers which are small-sized devices used after drilling for pinpointing
  • Magnetometer for detecting of magnetic metals
  • Auxiliary tools such as a bag or pouches for storing finds, such as coins – small metal parts



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