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Jewelry Metal Detector

Jewelry Metal Detector

Jewelry Metal Detector

Best Jewelry Metal Detector and treasures detectors, It is one of the most varied devices in most countries.
We especially mention the countries of the African continent due to the great richness of jewelry buried in the ground.
Of course.

Each of us dreams of discovering different types, treasures, and buried jewelry, whether in archaeological places or in different types of soils.

Petrified jewelry and treasures. And do not lose its value. Rather, the longer the period of time for the presence of the jewels inside the ground. Its value increases.
Therefore, many of us seek to discover and extract jewelry.
Various jewelry detectors are manufactured by several international companies. After development, testing and testing operations that last for years.

In order to make sure that the jewelry finder gets reliable results, we will mention to you in this article the best manufacturers of jewelry detection devices. And the most famous jewelry and treasure detection devices worldwide


Best Metal Detector for Coins, Rings & Jewelry

As mentioned, there are many reliable and proven devices in the global market that are used to discover jewelry and buried treasures.
But based on previous experiences and experiences in terms of strength of performance and accuracy of results. We will list for you a set of the most famous of these reagents.

With mentioning the advantages and characteristics of each device. Do not save you the effort and time in searching for the best option that will help you achieve your goal of discovering jewelry and treasures.


Best Jewelry Metal Detector

Gold jewelry detection devices, the frequency of treasures is clear and proven for each type of treasure. And the accuracy of the device used lies in separating the results for each type of these treasures.
To detect jewelry, jewelry, and gold jewelry, the search frequency is adjusted.

These targets are not disclosed to you accurately. Of course, adjusting the device is necessary, and you can use the user guide to discover the most appropriate settings in which the device to be used. And to ensure that you get accurate and correct results.


Gold Star 3D Scanner is considered the most complete device in terms of functionality and applications

that can be used for, thanks to the eight search systems available in the device that provide beginners

and professional prospectors alike with all the tools necessary to find buried treasures and ancient monuments.

Gold Star 3D Scanner is the first device from the German company in which the ground scanning technology

has been integrated in order to provide a powerful search mechanism with guaranteed results, with visual results

displayed on the device’s screen or via a tablet bundled with device.



gold star 3d scanner


Jewelry Detector App

With gold detector applications you can find any metal including Gold & silver(Ring, Bangles) also with your mobile phone.

finding lost Gold rings, Bangles was a concept only through mobile phones,





now women can use this brand new Gold & metal detector tool to find out their precious gold and jewelries also.
then , process of gold metal detecting will be start by pressing the find button inside the app.

and your device beep loudly, so after it detects any metal base item like gold jewelry.




The device has been downloaded about 0.5 million times and the application can be downloaded from here:

Click Here To Download Metal Detector App


Do Metal Detectors Detect Silver?

Yes! Among all known metals out there, pure silver has the highest electrical conductivity of all.

And since Jewelry Metal Detector reacts mainly to elements that are conductive electrically, it will be able to pick it up very easily.


Will Detectors Find Silver Ore and Nuggets?

Silver ores and silver nuggets are known as being ultra-rare, prized finds, and unique if you manage to find some!

In fact, if there is natural silver underneath the ground, it will certainly trigger your machine, but only if the pieces are large enough…

…Usually, most natural deposits of silver that have been detected have been small irregular flakes, wires, or pieces that are generally very small to be picked up by a regular detector and almost invisible to the eye without the help of magnification.


Large masses of silver do occur sometimes, but these large specimens are usually found in twisted and contorted forms of crystals and wires, or sometimes they are also found as blobs of silver that look similar to gold nuggets, but of a different color.


Silver ores or silver nuggets usually come out of the ground looking gray to black in color, which is why many times it gets tossed aside as being trash.


There has been an instance where an amateur detectorist found a 33.3-gram silver nugget, but these instances are very rare and unheard of.


Can You Use a Metal Detector to Find Gold?

Can You Use a Metal Detector to Find Gold? Metal detectors devices has been invented in last century for the purpose of detection of different metal types

such as iron, silver, copper and other metals, it has been used in many applications by prospectors and treasure hunters.

For example, it can be used to find ancient coins, small relic, jewelry and small buried metallic objects.

Metal detectors devices differ and vary in search technologies and other features

such as maximum search depth and accessories and comes in many different shapes

and with wide range of features and prices from hobby devices to professional machines.


Will a Metal Detector Detect Gold Ring

When you are new to using metal detectors, there are usually two main things you are searching for: coins and jewelry.

While there are plenty of treasures waiting to be discovered, jewelry is one of the most lucrative targets.

People are constantly losing their jewels, and sometimes, you can find them buried in beach sand, near the lake, or even at the park.


Metal detectors can lead you to gold rings, silver watches, or diamond earrings.

The potential is endless and jewelry finds are great for collectors as well as hunters that want to sell their treasure and make some money.

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