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OKM Detectors Germany

OKM Detectors Germany

OKM Detectors Germany

OKM Detectors Germany For more than 20 years, they are inventing, developing and manufacturing innovative and high-performing geophysical instruments like metal detectors, 3D ground scanners, ground penetrating radars, water detectors and many more.

They are very proud to support the work of archaeologists, geologists, treasure hunters, gold diggers as well as police and security forces all over the world by providing our unique detection technology made in Germany.


Orient Detectors Authorized OKM Distributor

We are at Orient Detectors, and by accrediting OKM authorized distributor, we strive to provide a wide variety of the most powerful gold, mineral and groundwater detectors.
OKM devices are considered one of the most powerful devices in the field, and the company supplies its devices with technology and techniques of high performance and quality, to ensure that the researcher obtains accurate and reliable results.


OKM Metal Detector Price

The prices of OKM Detectors Germany are considered among the relatively high prices as metal detectors prices, due to the advanced technology used within the devices
Each device undergoes many steps of development, and technology sometimes takes many years to develop, because OKM is always interested in providing the best.

The average price of devices ranges between 5,000 and 15,000 dollars
In some devices it reaches more than $ 20,000, as in the EXP metal detector, which is considered number one in terms of accuracy of results it gives and used by major companies and individuals interested in obtaining accurate results.


OKM Gold Detectors For Sale


OKM Rover C4

Rover C4 is a best new 3D imaging technology to find golden treasures

also a precious metals underground with accurate results and great detection performance.

Rover C4 gold detector use a special probes to perform detailed 3D scan of underground

then the scanned data can be viewed on any computer with installed 3D software

so it get easy analysis of buried targets and knowing all details

such as the size and depth of target visually.

Rover C4 From OKM Detectors Germany is a perfect choice for treasure a hunter who is looking for buried treasures

for example chests, boxes, golden artifacts and statues

and silver coins, rings and jewelry.

Rover C4 is a perfect gold detector device that used

for underground cavities detection

such as caves, tunnels, chambers, bores and graves.

Rover C4 has a simple user interface the can be operated either

via touch screen or hardware buttons available in control unit,

also the device is  equipped with new innovative LED orbit that emit

a light with different color to indicates underground targets visually.


OKM Metal Detector Android Download

OKM Detectors Germany offer the following applications for detectors:

  • Rover UC: The 3D metal detector Rover UC was the first OKM detector that utilized an Android application as controller. The Smartphone is the best solution for this disguised undercover detector. This special combination of a portable device and a metal detector was unique and set new standards in metal detection technology.
  • Fusion Light: The metal detector and ground scanner has been developed for treasure hunters with a smaller budget. The visualization of measurement data directly on the smartphone provides easy usability, especially for beginners. For more experienced users, the Visualizer 3D software can be extended to display measurement data three-dimensionally on a PC.
  • Bionic X4: The gold long range detector Bionic X4 makes extensive use of the Smartphones camera and compass to realize the cross-bearing of distant gold targets. So the gold detector can easily confirm the detected signals visually to assist the gold seeker during his search.
  • GeoSeeker: The GeoSeeker application has been designed especially for Tablet PCs. This Android app allows the user of our water and cavity detector GeoSeeker to follow an easy step-by-step guide to conduct geo-electrical resistivity measurements. After finishing the survey the Android application analyzes the recorded data and creates a 3D representation of the underground resistivity distribution.
  • Gepard GPR: The ground penetrating radar Gepard GPR 3D is our most complex application. The user is controlling every bit of the Gepard GPR detector and is also analyzing the 3D graphics that are generated from underground scan data. Recorded measurements can be viewed in 2D or 3D graphics. Furthermore, additional filters can be applied and scan data can be exported in various formats.
  • eXp 6000: The application of our 3D ground scanner eXp 6000, which is part of our well known Earth Imagers, can be used optionally. Even without the application the eXp 6000 metal detector can be operated with a built-in touchscreen display as well as video eye glasses.

All applications can be downloaded directly via Google Play.

Alternatively they offer pre-installed applications on Smartphones or Tablet PCs when purchasing one of their metal detectors or 3D ground scanners.

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