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Nokta Makro Multi Kruzer Review

Nokta Makro Multi Kruzer Review

What was the device designed for?

Multi Kruzer is a metal detector designed by the Turkish manufacturer Makro . Turkish metal detectors have proved themselves to be quality devices, and they are rather popular among detectorists.

Currently, the product line consists of three modes — Makro Kruzer, Makro Multi Kruzer, and Makro Gold Kruzer. Such an approach is quite usual for the company, since, for example, Nokta Anfibio product line also includes three metal detector models. At this point, usually, a question arises – what makes the devices differ from each other?

This metal detector uses only one operating frequency — 14 kHz. For this reason, this metal detector model is the cheapest in the product line. As for the device quality, it is not worse than Makro Kruzer Multi and Nokta Impact, because it operates using the same scheme.

The metal detector has six search modes, and the device is submergible. The standard package set includes 11″ D.D. coil, charging unit, and wireless headphones.

Nokta Makro Multi Kruzer Features

Multi Kruzer by Nokta Makro is full of cool features which promise to make metal detecting efficient and productive. Since this is an all-purpose detector, the combination of functions and features allows maximum flexibility to show smooth and productive operation under different conditions. The most impressive features of this metal detector are listed below:

  • waterproof up to 10 feet – this allows not only shallow water search, but also deeper underwater search, including saltwater search
  • updatable software – this feature means that bugs, if any, are fixed with new updates, while the features will be kept effective and up-to-date with every new version
  • VDI Target ID – assigned numerical segments mark different types of suggested targets depending on the targets’ chemical composition, making it easier for the detectorist to interpret the signals and take decisions about digging the items
  • Automatic / Manual / Tracking Ground Balance – Ground balance is a crucial feature, and having three types of settings for it enables the metal detectorist to choose optimal tuning for various soils
  • Pinpoint mode included – this feature makes detecting more accurate in terms of spotting the target’s location exactly
  • Several frequencies are available – while the Multi Kruzer is not actually a multi frequency metal detector – meaning it does not use several frequencies at the same time for scanning the ground – having three separate frequencies for different purposes is handy
  • Frequency Shift – this feature allows to avoid noise from electromagnetic interference
  • Iron Volume – allows to hear ferrous targets, adjust the volume for them, or completely turn them off
  • Notch Discrimination – in addition to regular Discrimination, Notch allows to turn off signals for specific pixels assigned to very specific metals, thus making the metal detector ignore those pixels
  • Extra Underground Depth – allows to spot metals on greater depths, despite iron mask or soil mineralization
  • high Recovery Speed – allows the metal detector to quickly process response from every separate target, even if the targets are located close to each other, and thus give separate signals for separate targets
  • the ability to charge the battery with powerbank – this ability is handy in the field if you don’t want to waste time of charging but the battery gets low

Extra Underground Depth Feature

One of the biggest problems with hot rocks and high mineralization of soils is that they create electromagnetic response that masks response from the actual buried items. The deeper is the item, and the more other items are around it, the higher the chances the metal detectorist misses it due to masking. The more the user tries to discriminate, in order to see only potentially valuable targets, the more depth of reach they lose. This seems a vicious cycle, but it can be broken with the help of EUD feature.

The EUD feature in Multi Kruzer allows the detector to spot deeper items despite hot rocks or mineralized soils around. The machine assigns a different tone to those deeper items than the general tone in the used Search mode, so that the metal detectorist understood there is a deeper object down there. When EUD is activated, the metal detector does not discriminate metals, so the user will dig more ferrous items, but the chances of spotting something really valuable under the layer of highly mineralized soil also increase. Moreover, the EUD feature can be activated instantly for a specific patch of land, or continuously for the search session.

Multi Kruzer Search Coils

The default search coil in the Multi Kruzer kit is the DD 11×7 inches coil. It is waterproof and works well for a wide range of targets, showing considerable depth of reach.

There are other available coils for this metal detector. You can choose from:

  • elliptic DD 7.5 x 4 inches search coil good for rocky locations
  • 7 inches round concentric coil, waterproof and perfect for shallow targets, but not very good for mineralized soils
  • 5 inches round DD coil created specifically for narrow places, small and shallow targets, and highly trashy areas
  • 15.5 x 14 inches waterproof DD coil for enhanced depth and more ground coverage
  • 9.5 x 5 inches elliptic covered non-buoyant DD search coil for underwater detecting or even scuba detecting

Nokta Makro Multi Kruzer Settings

For beginner detectorists, some Multi Kruzer settings may seem a bit complicated, this is why we believe underlining certain settings recommendations is important in the Makro Multi Kruzer reviews, in order to give a broader picture of what the user will have to face with their metal detector.

Ground Tracking Settings

Ground Tracking is a bit more advanced setting than Automatic GB or Manual GB. While no additional adjustments are needed, as Tracking is activated in the Options menu, there are a few things for the user to keep in mind.

When the Tracking is activated, the metal detector updates its Ground Balance every time the coil moves above the ground. The user gets no feedback on Ground balance until the level of mineralization stays stable (whatever high). If the metal detector hits a hot rock, or spots changes in the mineralization level, it will give a signal.

Sometimes, the signal may mean a target below. To double-check, the detectorist should make a few swipes with the coil. If the signal disappears, the cause is a change in mineralization level. If the signal stays, it can be a hot rock or a target. Targets also usually show ID numbers, while hot rocks do not, so there are ways to differentiate.

It is not recommended to use Tracking on locations where hot rocks are frequent, because the detectorist will keep getting false signals now and then.

Nokta Makro Multi Kruzer Problems

We have honestly searched around forums and feedback comments on different platforms from different users about any problems with Multi Kruzer and we have found none. There are individual cases of breakage, of course; some users complain about chatty detectors but eventually it turns out they fail to manage the settings. So, there seem to be no system disadvantages in Multi Kruzer that result in regular breakages.

There is one problem with it, though, and it should be discussed before you buy it. The point is, the headphones you get in the default kit are wireless, and they are not waterproof. Moreover, the wireless connection only works until the control box is above the ground. If you submerge the control box, your wireless headphones won’t function.

Which means that if you want underwater headphones for deeper underwater search, you need to buy another headset, which will be wired and waterproof.

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