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Beware of these mistakes when detecting metals and gold

Beware of these mistakes when detecting metals and gold

Beware of these mistakes when detecting metals and gold

In the old days of excavation, in the eighties, the failure rate in detection operations was much higher than it is today because the detectors were difficult to use. Modern detectors in comparison are very easy to use; But unfortunately some give up this hobby more often. Among the reasons why some people fail, we mention the following: 


First: Having irrational hopes and expectations about the prospecting process: 

Gold prospecting has always been associated with powerful imaginations and unrealistic expectations. Some beginners may somehow imagine that they will find a solid piece the size of a chicken egg when they are lucky. So arguably the most successful beginners are the realists who know there is still plenty of gold out there, but may not find much in the first week and realize that it takes time to learn how to find productive sites and make the most of their metal detector


Secondly: Listen to the locals without making sure the information is correct: 

Enlisting the help of local experts can be a good thing if the locals already have the experience to give advice on the subject that can lead you to good areas for prospecting. But the problem is that local people often have no idea what they are talking about and have never experienced excavation, not once in their lives. As a result, it takes time to understand the process of gold prospecting and it can be disastrous to believe everything the locals tell you.


Third: Buying an inappropriate metal detector: 

Fortunately, most novice traders will point to the right reagent for their needs but it is important that you buy from a salesperson who is not only credible but more importantly to be experienced. Otherwise, you may buy an excellent detector to search for metals, but it is a weak detector in the process of detecting gold because when it comes to gold detectors, although there are dozens of devices available, there are only a few that you can actually choose from if you wish to succeed in this prospecting process. On the other hand, a beginner may only intend to dig for a few weekends a year and may not have a big budget for an expensive device; therefore, it is not preferable to advise him to buy a device with expensive specifications because this will put him under great pressure when he is not able to allocate enough time in the exploration operations, and therefore he may not make any profits and will not be able to recover his money. 

And it can be said that the most successful detection process in general is a quiet, unhurried discovery, that is, when there is no pressure to find large quantities of gold in a specific time, so a comfortable discovery is the most productive. 

Finding gold using a cheaper coin detector is not impossible, but it may raise the chances of failure more, as these devices cannot detect gold like modern detectors. Also, many coin detectors do not have the ability to balance the ground and must be excluded when choosing a gold detector.


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