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Gold mining tools

Gold mining tools

Gold mining tools


It is a foldable metal, and it is available in many places in the world. Its presence is not concentrated in one spot, and it has been used in the manufacture of jewelry for women and men, and is used in the installation of some electronic components, as many people have been searching for by excavation since ancient civilizations. After many migrations, setbacks, and different circumstances, many people were collecting gold and its precious archaeological pieces and placing them in specific places underground, among rocks, in caves, ancient wells, and places that are difficult to reach by others, hoping to return to extract them later. Gold is a chemical element called aurum platinum. It has the atomic number 79 in group 11. Gold belongs to the transitional elements, and is known as the transition metals; This is because, first, all the elements comprising atomic numbers are metals, and secondly, they show an increasing number of electrons in their electron shells.


Gold detector and its working principle:

Certainly, gold is one of the types of metals, so we may find that most metal detectors are capable of detecting gold, but this was not the case before. In our modern age, detection devices and equipment have been made for each metal separately. We may find a device dedicated to detecting diamonds only and another dedicated to detecting gold. This is due to the programming of these devices to search for a specific metal. Since now we find that the gold detector does not give information about any other metal, it is his task to provide the holder of the device with an indication of the presence of gold only. The device contains receiving and transmitting wires, so a magnetic field is created and signals are sent when the detector passes over the gold, so it emits a strong vibration and creates a magnetic field around the prospected place and may sound an alert to its holder. This briefly summarizes the working principle of the gold detector.


The most prominent places where gold is found:

The location of gold is, as is well known, in the soil, rocks, sediments of oceans and rivers, in addition to its presence in the ground, in the form of veins. For this matter, a certain extraction method known as the open mine is used. Large and very deep tunnels are being dug that may reach a depth of more than 4000 meters underground, as happened in some regions of Africa. Gold may also be present with other metals such as iron and lead. To separate gold from these metals, it is reacted with cyanide solution after treatment, and the result is the dissolution of gold from the rest of the metals. Gold is found in nature in two cases, either as primary deposits, or in river assemblies as movable deposits. One of the most important global regions rich in this shiny metal is America, as it is found in: California, Alaska, Nevada, Ural Mountains, South Dakota. The most prominent areas are the Rand area in the Transvaal.


Tips for searching for gold:

Gold is not found in all types of soil, it is only found in certain types of soil, and as a result it is preferable first to know the type of soil in which gold is located, so that we can know the places where gold is. The issue of searching for gold requires the availability of an amount of money in order to purchase exploration tools and equipment, and it is better to purchase high-quality machinery and equipment. It is possible to find gold in the lands where gold was previously found, as they most likely contain gold, so it is best to start with them. You must learn the basics of research and exploration, and the correct methods used in that, and be able to use the machinery and equipment designated for exploration, to save a lot of time and effort. It is not possible to excavate in lands that are not owned by us, such as those owned by government agencies, or owned by someone else, as the consent of the owner of the land must first be obtained if it is not owned.


The most important gold detectors:

– Gold Star 3D Scanner

It is the first in a new range of professional metal detectors from Mega Detection that delivers new detection technologies, powerful new tools, and more reliable results. Gold Star 3D Scanner provides professional treasure hunters, gold hunters, archaeologists and even mining companies a full range of tools with completely new technologies such as MG and I.M.T. U and VST built-in 8 search systems for all metal detection applications. Mega Detection, through Gold Star 3D Scanner, provides a functional and professional device that combines ease of use, 2D on-screen visualization, 3D visualization on an Android tablet, comfortable working experience, and modern multilingual device software with a smooth visual selection and setting experience. All settings and detection options. It has 8 different search systems that include the latest developments in the field of metal detection technologies with wide options to adjust the search settings and options to suit different factors such as the type of ground soil, terrain, search purpose, type and metal of buried targets.


– Phoenix Metal detector

It is a 3D scanner with a completely new ground scanning technology that ensures faster and more accurate results in finding and detecting ancient treasures and burials at very great depths. Mega Detection, via its Phoenix 3D ground scanner, provides a powerful professional device with 3 search systems suitable for professional prospectors and treasure hunters looking for relics and gold treasures. Phoenix provides a rich visual user experience by displaying 3D ground scan results either directly on the device screen or via an Android tablet via the powerful Multi Visual Analyzer that provides all the tools to visually analyze the scan data. On the other hand, although it is a device intended for professionals, the device is easy to use thanks to the modern multilingual software, which has been carefully designed to facilitate the process of adjusting settings and various scanning options as well as displaying the results. It offers a new and unique 3D ground scanning technology via the Multi Ground Scanner (MGS), with a larger scanning surface providing greater coverage and faster scanning, but with reliable, accurate results. It has a powerful live broadcast system via a high-signal vertical transceiver and a Pin Pointer system for easy and accurate visual guidance of the detected target.


Tips to start prospecting and the most important gold mining tools:

There is a set of important tips for the beginning of a successful search for gold and is considered a reference for those who want to search for gold because they are comprehensive and sufficient for the beginning of a successful search. The appropriate time to search for gold is after rain, because it is known that water has the property of transmitting electric current, which makes that electricity work to transmit signals of gold in the ground. Reading references and research, as well as the laws related to the process of searching for gold, are very important factors for the success of the process. If the researcher is excavating in a different country than his, he must familiarize himself with the laws related to mineral exploration. Knowing the weather, the researcher should not do the excavation process in an unsuitable atmosphere, especially if the country is one of the countries where snow falls. A very important point is that the gold digging area is not an area where others are prospecting for gold because this will create a kind of conflict or waste of effort. Preparing all the requirements for the prospecting trip to search for gold; It is necessary to verify the presence of adequate amounts of food, water, first aid, as well as medicines that protect against viruses that may attack the researchers, as well as making sure that there are enough clothes to wear and drink plenty of water because there are many researchers who died due to severe dehydration during the excavation process. We also should not forget that there is enough chemically suitable luggage to carry the quantities of gold that will be discovered.


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