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Metal detection through ages

Metal detection through the ages

Metal detection through the ages

Today we are witnessing a real revolution in the world of metal detection, as it is no longer just a hobby for some people, but rather has become a real profession through which a person can achieve many financial gains. But have you ever thought about how this all started? And who made the first metal detector? Today we will take you on a tour through history to discover the development of metal detection through the ages.


But first… What is a metal detector?

A metal detector is an electronic device that detects nearby metals in the ground. And of course, there are various and different forms of metal detectors belonging to various brands as well, and each of them has specific features and is prepared to explore for specific objects such as prospecting for gold, gems, coins, and others.


How and when did the metal detection process begin?

In the late nineteenth century, specifically in 1881, the first metal detector in history was made by the inventor and scientist Alexander Bell. This was done in an attempt to save the life of the President of the United States at the time, James Garfield, who was hit by a bullet that entered his body, and for this reason, this device was designed in an attempt to discover the location of the bullet.

Unfortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful, and the president later died of his injuries. However, after the studies that were conducted on this case later, it was found that the springs of the bed on which the president was lying caused interference to the metal detector, and for this reason, this device is considered the first experiment in the manufacture of a real metal detector.


Old metal detectors

The device made by Alexander Bell was considered the basis for all the devices that followed. The first metal detectors were characterized by being large in size, heavy in weight and complex in installation, and they depended in their work on air tubes. As for the uses of this device, it was used in the past to detect mines in the ground, especially during the First and Second World Wars.


Metal detector developed by Gerard Fischer:

Gerard Fischer is the founder of the international company Fisher Lab, which is famous for the manufacture of metal detectors. He worked on the development of a metal detector, as he discovered the matter while working on one of his projects when he noticed the deviation of his radio signals when approaching a place that contains metal. Through this discovery, he was able to obtain a patent for the first portable metal detector in the world in 1925.


Numerous updates over the years:

Of course, the matter did not stop with the invention of the portable metal detector, but the work continued to make metal detectors more convenient and easy to move and make them enjoy modern and advanced features that contribute to finding more precious metals in the shortest time and least effort possible.

One of the most important founders is Charles Garrett, who has provided many useful tools over the years and contributed to the invention of a significant number of distinguished search disks and received a patent for it. The invention of the transistor had a significant impact on the development of gold and metal detectors and moved them to a completely different space.


Modern metal detectors:

Today, we can access different types of metal detectors at various prices to suit all categories, in modern shapes and in many weights, in addition to the diversity of detection and prospecting methods, and this opened a wider field for discovering treasures that we did not expect!


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