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Can I make money by metal detection ?

Can I make money by metal detection

Can I make money by metal detection

For most of us, metal detection is a fun hobby, as this type of hobby is full of adventures, and it may be the shortest way to get rich through exploration and metal detection. Over the years there have been many specific methods of prospecting that are more “profitable” than others. You can definitely make some money with a metal detector if you search and identify good areas to look for, and showing interest and careful research can bring you big money in a short period of time. The search areas with the detector are virtually limitless, but using certain strategies and methods to locate rich places to search will increase your odds of success, especially if you are looking for something of value (relics, psychic minerals, gold, silver, diamonds, money and many others).

Metal detectors have been around for many years now. However, this hobby has recently gained a lot of importance due to recent technological developments that have facilitated the process of exploration and detection. But there are also other reasons for metal detection these days .

The thrill of digging up and catching something buried hundreds, if not thousands of years ago .

Passion for collecting coins whether it is old colonial silver coins or some common coins.


Metal detection is a fun way to explore and practice

Metal detection can be a profitable hobby where you can sell rare and precious finds such as silver or gold jewelry and gold nuggets. However, don’t set your expectations too high. There are several types of strategies you should consider if you want to find valuables with your metal detector ranging from coins to gold coins, if you do it right, you can put some cash in your pocket and reap huge profits in short periods and less effort.


1-Jewelry on the beach

Metal detection on the beach is a completely different experience. You can find virtually anything on the beach from common coins to precious silver and gold jewelry. Some beaches even produce valuable old coins from time to time due to Spanish shipwrecks during the past centuries. Of course, there are plenty of trash targets hidden in that beach sand, too.

On most beaches, the most valuable thing you are likely to find is lost jewelry. People lay down their beach towels and put their valuables aside as they are covered with sand. They also go swimming in the ocean, where the cold water makes their fingers smaller and the rings can slip off their fingers easily. In particularly rich areas, there is a possibility to find very valuable jewelry. It is not surprising that a metal detector will find large rings or necklaces made of platinum or gold that are valued at several thousand dollars. With enough patience, there is definitely money to be made from beach metal detection.


2- Detection in crowded party areas and gatherings

The day after a big concert, farmers market, or other huge event, there would be a handful of scouts searching in the areas where thousands of people had been the day before. These events are often held in city parks or other large open spaces.

The discoveries you will most likely make are regular coins, any time you have thousands of people together in one area, you will probably find after them things that have fallen from them or have been lost in the crowds.

The nice thing about this type of drilling is that you don’t need to do any drilling. All your discoveries will be live on the surface, so targeted recovery is quick and you can find a lot of things in a very short period of time.

You are not likely to achieve any significant results here. While you may be lucky and find a gold ring or something, most of what you find will be common coins, lots of pennies, nickels, and quarters…but it all adds up! Sometimes scouts can do a pretty good job and a decent average hourly wage when looking for coins after big events.


3- Hideaway Hunting – Historical Burial Treasures!

The possibility of following the stories that talk about buried treasures, maps and puzzles in which the percentage of truth may be very high. Indeed, there are many prospectors to this day who follow up and conduct a lot of studies and follow-ups that were left from the past, which talk about the existence of a buried treasure either at the bottom of the seas as a sinking ship belonging to the wealthy of Europe or a treasure on a remote island. These stories are not all myths, just like the story of the buried pirate treasure, the thought of striking something big and discovering thousands of dollars in hidden silver and gold is still an active dream of many prospectors and hobbyists!

Prospectors and hobbyists spend countless hours searching for potential historical tips that might lead them to a buried cache.

Bunkers can come in all sizes and shapes. The most common one we think of is probably a coffee can made of gold coins, but it can contain anything of value. And rest assured, there are still some. Clever treasure hunters also don’t talk about it if they find one, so these things are kept a little out of the way, so surely someone who wants to make big money should keep their research a secret.


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