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Metal detectors coils types

Metal detectors coils types

Metal detectors coils types

A metal detector is an electrical device that can detect the presence of metals nearby. Metal detectors vary and their classifications vary according to a set of factors and technical features, and according to the country of manufacture, the brand and many other factors.. The metal detector often consists of a portable unit that contains a sensor with which the metal detector can scan the ground or other objects. If the sensor comes close to a piece of metal, the tone changes in the speakers, or a needle moves in the pointer. The device often gives an indication of the distance or the proximity of the distance as a stronger tone is issued in the speakers when the distance from the metal object is close to the metal detector, or the needle jumps higher in the pointer.


  • What is a metal detector coil?

A metal detector coil, also called a search coil, is a coil of wire at the end of a metal detector. This is the part of the metal detector that you scan on the ground to find metals hidden under the surface. The coil is perhaps the most important part of your metal detector, as it detects underground metals and treasures.


  • How does the search coil work?

The search coil works by sending an electric current, which creates a magnetic field between it and the Earth. When the magnetic field bounces back towards the metal detector, the search coil receives and analyzes the information. The electric impulse will change if it touches the metal, which in turn alerts the search coil to the presence of the metal. If a mineral is found, the search coil will send an alert via the Control Center, letting you know it’s time to dig!


  • Are metal detector coils interchangeable?

You can’t use any coil on any metal detector – most metal detectors only work with coils from the same manufacturer, so it’s possible that a White coil won’t work on a Bounty Hunter metal detector. Some metal detectors operate at different frequencies, so in many cases it is possible to turn off the metal detector coils. Some detectors purchase search coils to replace corrupted files, but you can also upgrade your own or purchase a separate one to detect with a different frequency. In this way, the coils of the metal detectors are interchangeable on certain models. Be sure to check the search coil compatibility with your metal detector before purchasing.


  • Types of search files

There are different types, sizes, and shapes of metal detector coils. The most common types of search coils are concentric search coils, monochromatic search coils, dual search coils, and pictorial search coils.

Concentric coils are the most common metal detector coils. They consist of two circular coils, one inside the other. The external coil transmits the electric current, and the internal coil receives the response. Concentric coils are very versatile and perform well when detecting metals, as they have a symmetric and balanced field.

Monochromatic search coils are not quite as common, as they are only used in pulse induction metal detectors. These have both the receiver and the transmitter on a single file. Monochromatic coils improve depth and sensitivity, but do not perform well in metallic areas that require better differentiation.

The double search coils are shaped as two successive pieces of type, and are good for use in areas with highly mineralized soils. The shape of this coil gives better ground cancellation capabilities, so there is less interference from ground signals. Coils are often used to detect metal residues.

Pictorial search coils are similar to concentric coils, but have more advanced targeting capabilities. They have a third coil that acts as a second receiver and allows for better target scaling and improved depth.


  • Which metal detector coil should I buy?

If you just bought a metal detector, it will come with a search coil attached. If you are looking to replace or upgrade a metal detector coil, check the product details of both metal detectors and search coils to ensure they are compatible with each other.


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  1. […] depth of treasure hunting grounds determines the diameter of a metal detector’s coil. This means you’ll be able to search deeper into your hunting areas if you have a large coil. […]

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