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The best metal detectors for finding gold

The Best metal detectors for finding gold

The Best metal detectors for finding gold

  • Introduction to gold

WhaT is it?

Gold is a shiny, malleable metal, which makes it a good metallic material. Chemically, it is a transition metal, and transition metals are unique. Humans adorned themselves with gold for nearly 4000 years before the Christ. From Eastern Europe to the Middle East to the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs, gold appears throughout the ancient world. Its use is growing exponentially to this day. Gold is the focus of attention for many lovers of precious metals and prospectors in this field, as gold is the first and fastest step to reach wealth and luxury, so how can it not be one of the most important minerals in the world! The presence of gold is largely concentrated near rivers and along streams, where prospectors in this context use several methods, including ancient primitive methods that depend on humans themselves, including modern and advanced methods, through which they rely on exploration devices, equipment and advanced technology in prospecting and metal detection, especially gold.


  • Metal and gold detector


The four basic components of any metal detector are:

  • The arm, which is the main part of the device, to which the rest of the components and parts are connected, and its length can usually be adjusted according to the user’s convenience.
  • The stabilizer; this part of the device that makes it comfortable to use as it acts as an armrest and it stabilizes and balances the device and reduces vibration during the search process.
  • The control box, which is considered as the brain of the device, contains the battery, control keys, settings, processor, screen and internal speakers.
  • The search coil, which is the lower part of the device that you move above the ground, and it serves as an antenna that contains important electrical coils for the device to be able to detect metals underground.


Working principle:

While the detectors can be complex, the principle of their operation is fairly simple. The metal detectors send or broadcast a magnetic field and then analyze it when it is received again after bouncing from the ground in the broadcast area.

Within the search coil there are two electric coils, one of which works as a transmitter and the other as a receiver, where the first coil transmits and propagates a magnetic field generated by the electric current passing through the coil. This generated magnetic field, which is transmitted, will cause an electric current to flow within the metal objects that come into contact with this field, while the second coil (receiving) determines the difference between the transmitted magnetic field (generated) and the receiving field after hitting the metal object that absorbs part of the current electrical output. The rest of the electric current forms a magnetic field with a lower energy, due to the receiving coil, which calculates the difference between the transmitting and receiving fields. In the event of a difference, the coil sends an alert signal through the cable connected to it, and the user of the device can hear this signal through the internal speakers or external headphones. The weaker the receiving magnetic field, the weaker the audible sound.

After we got acquainted with the metal detector and how it works and its components, the picture became clearer, about the mechanism of these devices’ work, and of course there are various devices for detecting gold. Gold does not exist in one place only, but its presence is different, as gold buried in the depths of the earth will have its own device, and gold submerged in rivers will also have its own detector.


  • Some of the most important gold detectors

  • Electromagnetic gold detectors:

They are devices that depend on the formation of an invisible magnetic field that extends around the ground to be searched, thus forming an electromagnetic environment whose mission is to sense the presence of the metal and send electromagnetic signals originating from the ground to the device containing information related to the type of metal that was captured, whether it was gold / silver / diamonds and thus alerting the prospector . This device is used to detect old coins and small gold relics.


  • 3D imaging gold detectors:

This type of device relies on a complete ground scanning and imaging procedure through dedicated search sensors. The results of this research are often displayed via an explanatory display attached to the device. The excavation results are displayed in 3D and then the prospector analyzes the results to get detailed information. This imaging gold detector is used to detect buried objects that need extreme accuracy and analysis to prospect and capture these minerals, in addition to detecting minerals contained within hard rocky minerals and detecting buried minerals in battlefields such as rare swords, daggers and ornaments.


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