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The fastest metal detectors to find treasures

The fastest metal detectors to find treasures

The fastest metal detectors to find treasures

Whether you are searching for lost gold jewelry or looking for fun, there are many different ways you can search for gold with a metal detector. Deciding what type of gold you are looking for can help you decide which metal detector is best for you. Some metal detectors are designed for use at ground level and are better suited to searching for jewelry or coins, while others can help you search at greater depths for gold nuggets or veins. Gold is often surrounded by other metals such as iron, so when looking for gold you will likely need a more sensitive detector that can distinguish between metals effectively. Detectors with waterproof coils are also popular when searching for gold along streams and rivers. 


  • The most important tips for prospecting for gold using a metal detector: 

When searching for gold nuggets, always use a quality set of metal detector headphones. The slightest difference in tone will go unnoticed when masked by background noise. There are many small coins that produce very faint signals. When it comes to finding little nuggets. Once your device is recognized, lower the level of discrimination and you will find deeper and smaller targets. Spin the coil slowly and methodically overlapping with each pass. 


  • Three of the fastest metal detectors 

1- Garrett AT Pro 

It can be used in all terrains! Some of the AT Pro’s features include kerf discrimination, iron sound, manual and automatic ground balance, digital target ID, and separate pinpoint mode. It does a solid job of searching for coins, jewelry, and relics, and can also do a good try at finding gold coins and nuggets due to its 15 kHz frequency (which is high) and solid ground balance settings. The Garrett AT Pro’s relative sound helps the user to better judge target size, shape and depth, and has the added benefit of a much faster recovery time when detecting nearby targets. Furthermore, the automatic fast track ground balancing feature allows you to ground the detector quickly even in highly mineralized soil conditions. The Garrett AT Pro comes with 8.5″ x 11″ DD PROformance files that provide excellent separation and depth of target for any stock file. It is also fully waterproof and can be submerged to a depth of 10 feet. You can use it to detect in shallow waters such as rivers, lakes, streams and even the sea. 


2- Equinox 800 

The Equinox 800 from Minelab has a fast retrieval speed paired with an accurate target ID that should give you a sense of the target before you search for it. It is known as the multi-intelligence technology. The latter allows the detectors to search anywhere using the multi-frequency mode. This distinguishes this device from single-frequency devices because it allows for faster identification and faster recovery of targets. Multiple frequency means that the detector is able to create a coil field with all available frequencies at the same time. This allows the device to search for a location at low, medium and high frequencies at the same time. This provides much higher search efficiency and also eliminates the need to search the same site multiple times at different frequencies. 

The Equinox 800 comes in five different frequencies: 

  • 5 kHz 
  • 10 kHz 
  • 15 kHz 
  • 20 kHz 
  • 40 kHz 

And the multi-frequency mode is separate, it uses all these frequencies together. Another exceptional feature of the Equinox 800 is that it provides high-quality marking of trash and ferrous metals, along with a high depth of access. This enables it to find objects large and small, such as coins at different depths with the fastest possible recovery rate. 



Another very fast and advanced model is XP DEUS XP Deus is a professional grade VLF metal detector that comes with a 9 x 11 inch search dial and 17 different search modes… There are 9 factory search modes and 8 custom search modes. The detector comes with manual floor scales and 5 acoustic tones. This reagent has a recovery rate that cannot be beat by any other reagent on the market. 

In fact, unlike conventional detectors, the XP Deus no longer requires a wire to transmit the signal. The entire target signal is digitized and analyzed instantly and directly from the source by an ultra-micro digital circuit. The digital signal format allows you to set the target power, reaction, and retrieval speed to be at your desired speed. You can also upgrade the device software whenever a new version becomes available.

4- Multi Kruzer

Multi Kruzer detector is versatile device that can be used to find gold treasures natural gold nuggets, coins, relics and any metal type.

lti Kruzer detector is versatile device that can be used to find gold treasures, natural gold nuggets, coins, relics and any metal type.

Multi Kruzer detector offers a whole new gold & metal detecting experience because of to its small size and light weight plus its features and best price.

Multi Kruzer detector From Nokta contains 3 search modes so  gives excellent metal discrimination ability at great depth to let the prospector find all hidden targets easily.

Multi Kruzer has 6 search modes designed for different terrains and targets. So the user can navigate between the modes easily by using the direction buttons , The selected mode name will be framed on screen.

5- GPZ 7000

GPZ 7000 with its new search technology ZVT offers a greater search depth and higher sensitivity for small gold nuggets than most devices.

It is considered a best device ever for gold nuggets detection,because of its great performance which marked it as first gold detector for natural gold in the world.

GPZ 7000 with its new search technology ZVT (Zero Voltage Transmission) , offers a greater search depth

and higher sensitivity for small gold nuggets than most devices.

GPZ 7000 From Minelab includes advanced technologies that give a gold prospector a reliable device

for detection of gold in all terrains and ground conditions such as rocky lands or sandy soils.

GPZ 7000 is can be the first choice for any serious gold prospector and natural gold seeker also around the world ,

as it it will open a new wealth opportunities for the owner of the device.

GPZ 7000 gives wonderful reliable results in all countries around the world especially Africa and Australia,

because it offers best performance in comparison with all other rival gold detectors devices.

The advantage of the high performance of GPZ 7000 is the existence of the ZVT (Zero Voltage Transmission) technology, the first of its kinds, because it is not available in any competitor device.

6- Gold Finder 2000

Gold Finder 2000 is a new latest metal detector designed exclusively for gold prospectors in mind , the most important feature of device is its simplicity.

Gold Finder 2000 is a new latest metal detector from Nokta Makro , designed exclusively , for gold prospectors in mind , the most important feature of device is its simplicity in term of operation through simplified program and minimum controls or settings adjustments.

Gold Finder 2000 gold detector provide the gold prospectors with a reliable easy to use gold detector to find natural gold nuggets, gold veins and golden treasures with simple visual indicator on its screen.

Gold Finder 2000 primary goal when it was developed to be a reliable metal detector for gold detection and gold prospecting including natural gold like gold nuggets, gold veins or smithed gold like collars or rings.

The Gold Finder 2000 operates at a frequency of 61 kHz, which studies have proven suitable for detecting of the smallest gold nuggets, it offers a high performance in all terrain to detect tiniest nuggets at good depths in comparison with rival metal detectors.

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