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Learn about the lightest metal detectors

Learn about the lightest metal detectors

As it is known, the profession of metal detection requires walking great distances and sometimes long times, and this calls for the use of light devices that can be easily carried and moved between diverse terrains.

Below we will show you the lightest metal detectors in the market with the advantages of each of them:


– Bounty hunter trucker IV device

The weight of this device does not exceed 8 pounds, and therefore it is considered one of the lightest metal detectors.



1- It is considered one of the good metal detectors, as this device ignores unwanted metals.

2- It can be used in hard-to-reach places as its holder is adjustable.

3- It is considered one of the low tension metal detectors that works to find different types of metals.

4- It is also distinguished by its economic price and suitable for all categories.

5- Contains waterproof coils.


– Fisher f44

It is a multi-use metal detector that can be used to detect gold, coins, old jewelry and other things. It has a light weight of about 2 pounds.



1- It is characterized by the possibility of using it at different times regardless of the weather, and this is due to the fact that it is resistant to water and dust, and therefore it bears harsh conditions.

2- It has 5 different modes of operation, you can choose the most suitable one among them.

3- Contains the digital target ID which is set between 1-99. The type of metal in the ground is known according to the number that appears on the screen.

4- This device contains the Fe-tone feature, which gives a distinctive sound if the target is made of iron.

5- The device needs two AA alkaline batteries to work, and it can work for approximately 30 hours.


– Minelab equinox 800

This device weighs approximately 3 pounds and is considered one of the best gold and metal detectors.



1- This device is characterized by the presence of Multi-IQ technology, which means simultaneous multiple frequencies. This feature allows searching for metals at different frequencies at the same time, and the device includes several frequencies (5-10-15-20-40) kHz. This feature allows the discovery of different sizes of buried metals of many types, thus reducing time and effort.

2- The device has 4 different search modes, which we will mention now:

– Field Mode: This mode is set when searching in vast fields that contain many metals, such as ancient battlefields.

– Garden Mode: It is used in gardens to search for small objects such as jewelry pieces.

– Gold mode: This mode is dedicated to detecting gold in all its forms and in various forms of terrain.

– Beach mode: It is used while searching in dry or wet sand on the shores of seas and rivers.

3- The device is characterized by a modern and water-resistant design, so it is ideal for detecting metals in beaches.


– Bounty hunter ranger pro

It weighs up to 5 pounds and has additional features over the Bounty hunter tracker 4.



1- It contains 7 different operating modes suitable for all types of metals and buried treasures.

2- The device can be easily balanced on the ground, which is why it can be used on a variety of terrains and in different places.

3- It is characterized by the presence of a pinpoint mode, which works to locate the target accurately to avoid drilling for a long time and in large quantities.


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