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Metal detecting risks

Metal detecting risks

Metal detecting risks

Stay safe during metal detection despite the dangers Even the most scenic spots can have hidden dangers. Watch out for animals like snakes, especially in warmer climates. Snakes tend to hide in piles of brush and firewood. Wasps, , you name it… they are all out there. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Watch out for rapid currents when or around water is detected to stay safe while detecting minerals. Avoid heatstroke by drinking plenty of water, staying in the shade, and wearing layers during the colder months. If you discover minerals in the woods, you will encounter thorns and other things that can be painful, so be careful. Unfortunately, you may also come across needles while drilling. Your gloves should protect you from this danger as well. Avoid touching anything that may be related to drug use, including old bottles and hoses. 


Some of the risks that metal detectors and prospectors may face: 

  • Metal detection under sunlight 

When you are outside metal detectors, you will be spending a lot of time outside and in the sun. While some sunlight is good for you, excessive sun exposure also has some negative effects. One of the biggest risks of spending too much time in the sun is heat exhaustion or dehydration. Spending too much time outside in the sun can make you feel faint or dizzy, nauseous, and tired, often with a headache. These are all typical symptoms of heat stress. 

Often when you’re in the middle of a hunt, you tend to forget to drink water, which leads to dehydration. 

Some common symptoms of dehydration include feeling sick, dizzy or fainting, tiredness, rapid breathing, and pounding heartbeats. Staying well hydrated will help prevent heat exhaustion and dehydration. 

Apart from these two, getting sunburned is also another threat to staying in the sun for a long time. Without sunscreen, you can get a sunburn within just 15 minutes of being in the sun. This is why it is so important that you apply sunscreen, carry water and continue to drink water from time to time, and wear long-sleeved clothing to protect yourself from the sun.


  • Practicing this hobby in cold weather 

For researchers, waiting for warm weather is not an option. However, there are many risks associated with detection in the cold. Imagine having to expose nearby frozen bodies of water or be outside in freezing temperatures and frigid winds. 

Extremely cold air or wind can make you sick, and can sometimes lead to frostbite or hypothermia. Hypothermia can cause shivering, confusion, fatigue, and clumsiness. Moreover, hypothermia can also lead to other serious health problems. 

Cold weather is also known to increase your risk of a heart attack, especially when you are outside searching for long hours, your heart has to work even harder to keep you warm, which increases blood pressure and heart rate. If you have an existing heart condition, you should avoid metal detection in cold weather. 

The most important thing to consider when out hunting in cold weather is to keep warm. Wear enough warm layers and wear these knee pads so that you can bend over and over easily even on the frozen ground. 

You should definitely check out our high quality metal detector knee pads! It has been well researched and will definitely protect your knees especially in cold/snowy conditions. 

While most high-quality metal detectors are capable of hunting during the winter, it is still best to search around bodies of unfrozen water or the beach will be a better choice for winter hunting. 


  • Metal detection on the battlefield 

Detecting on the battlefields can be a dangerous activity if you are not careful. There are thousands of tons of unexploded ordnance to be found on battlefields around the world. They include grenades, artillery shells, bombs, mines and bullets/ammunition. 

The best advice is not to touch the shells that remain on the surface and dry in the sun. If you find a shell in the ground, it is better to leave it alone and not try to remove it. You must inform the relevant authorities, who will then proceed to remove the jacket in accordance with the protocol. If you find a grenade, this is usually not dangerous if you do not try to open it. However, it is advisable to inform the relevant authorities and allow them to remove the grenade. However, the small arms ammunition you find is generally safe and unlikely to explode unless there is an explosive tip, for example with 20mm cannon rounds. These things can easily come off your fingers, so be careful handling such items. 

The best advice for a metal detector on the battlefields is to dig slowly, dig in a wide area, preferably someone with you in the search process. Always dig the hole a little larger than the detected area and avoid any sudden or violent downward thrust with a spade.

One of the best ways to get started in metal detecting is to find a friend or a club that can help guide you in the initial steps. That introduction can sometimes be unreliable and disorganized.

Valuable finds are what make this hobby exciting. Even now after years of metal detecting I still feel like I’m winning the lottery when my detector chirps. If every time you go out, all you find is a few pennies or just trash, more than likely, your detector is going to wind up in a closet gathering dust!

You will find treasures if you’re really looking. But don’t expect to find good stuff only, you will find lots of TRASH! There’s just no way to get around it.

When we come back from a day of detecting, probably 60 to 80% of what we have found goes right back into the trash can. However, a lot of what you find depends on where you go and how much you know about your detector.

You’ll have plenty of fun with your detector. You will find pocketfuls of coins and jewelry and odd metallic trinkets. You will easily pay for the cost of your machine. You are not very likely, however, to become a millionaire from your hobby.

Yes, some people do find big treasures. They are in the news because the incidence is so rare that it makes the headlines. The point is to have realistic expectations for you hobby.

Believe me, you’ll have a blast whether or not you hit “the big one!” there is still the hope, the excitement, of seeing what comes up out of the dirt for you, be it a zinc penny or a silver dollar.

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