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Metal detection techniques

Metal detection techniques

Metal detection techniques

First: Swing techniques:

Some devices have faster processors than others. Sophisticated devices are usually able to process more land areas faster. Obviously, moving your metal detector at the speed of light won’t produce great results in an iron-filled location.

But if you have a large area of ​​open space with few or no targets, a faster swing speed will give you the ability to cover more ground in search of metals;

In the sense that the presence of places with a lot of signs that indicate the presence of metals, so swinging your device, whether in a slow or fast movement, does not negate the need to make sure that a device actually passes over the metal, and the device’s passage over the metal will provide the largest possible coverage for each step and ensure You do not walk over the elements without being able to detect them.

It can be said that the two biggest mistakes that beginners may make is not keeping the coil of the device on the soil and not overlapping it.

And you can usually identify “beginner” right out of the gate through the way he swings his metal detector, which is a pendulum-like swing pattern: it’s the type of pattern where the coil swings from hip level down and makes contact with the ground for half a second before swinging back to the opposite thigh. In the meantime, the user of the device must take three giant steps and cross all the distance from the ground that is crossed during the process of touching the coil and until the next coil.

The second mistake that users of the devices may make is to keep the file on the soil, so this must be avoided, and when the device shows a suspicious spot that may contain metal, you have to reduce your speed and focus on this point.

This will help you separate the signals and isolate the good targets from the bad. And for all intents and purposes, there must be a direct correlation between the speed of the swing, the number of targets on the ground, the number of obstacles on the surface, and the type of device you operate.


Secondly: network method:

Once you’ve found a great place where you’ve already found a few coins, artifacts or other treasures, you’ll definitely want to associate the area with your next quest.

There are several different methods of networking, but all of them should have the same end result; It covers every square inch of high yield land.

This could be as simple as walking back and forth in straight lines while looking for your footprints, or accuracy like using GPS tracking on devices like the Minelab CTX 3030 or GPZ 7000, but it’s not good enough and you have to push it up, down, and sideways. And then it is repeated again in the opposite direction.

But some targets simply will not make a chirp if you approach them from one direction, but they will make a sound when approaching them from another direction, and this is usually due to the direction of the target on the ground and /or its relationship to other nearby targets.

Connecting the area from multiple directions will ensure that you give these targets ample opportunity to articulate their positions.


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