Best Gold Detectors 2024 For Sale, Get Treasures, Water and Metal Detectors At Best Price


Portable gold detector for sale

Portable gold detector for sale

Portable gold detector for sale

Metal detectors have undergone many updates over the years, and the devices are no longer the same size as before, and they have various features that help detect gold and other precious treasures.

And perhaps portable gold detectors were one of the most important of these updates, through which the user was able to dispense with large-sized metal detectors and practice this hobby more easily.

And with the many options available in the market, you must know the best to buy, and for this we will help you by mentioning the best portable gold detectors in the market.


– Garrett pro pointer

It is considered one of the best metal detectors of small size that can be carried by hand.


1- This device is characterized by being water-resistant, and this is what gives it the advantage of using it in various places under the soil or under water, where it can be submerged in water to a depth of 10 feet without affecting its work.

2- The device has 3 different levels of sensitivity, which helps in detecting metals and small, medium-sized and large objects as well.

3- The device includes a button dedicated to quick scanning, which enables you to determine the location of the treasures, and this helps a lot in the case of large areas.


– Fisher F-pulse

This device, owned by Fisher International, is one of the best portable metal detectors and has many advantages.


1- The device has 3 different alert modes: beeping, vibrating, or both together. Of course, each mode has a specific meaning.

2- It needs two AA batteries to work, and it can work up to 25 hours at a time.

3- It has 3 different levels of sensitivity to detect different sizes and types of metals.

4- This device is resistant to fresh and salty water and works according to the pulse induction system.


– Minelab pro find 35

This device is very convenient for professional users and has many features to help in gold prospecting and metal detection.


1- This device can detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

2- It is waterproof and can be submerged under water to a depth of 3 meters.

3- The device is attached to a searchlight to suit the night detection operations.

4- The device has 5 different sensitivity modes to detect the largest possible number of metals.


– RM ricomax

This device is considered one of the best portable gold detectors in this price category, but it should be noted that it is not waterproof.


1- The device comes at an economical price suitable for all categories and is considered one of the cheapest gold and metal detectors.

2- It has 3 different alarm modes: sound, vibration, light, which is not present in all devices; As the lighting of one light means that there is metal in the area, lighting of two lights means that you are approaching the target, and lighting of 3 lights means that you are directly above it.

3- It is considered one of the simple and easy-to-use devices, which is why it is a good choice for beginners.


– Nokta pointer waterproof

This device is one of the best portable gold detectors due to its many features.


1- The entire device is waterproof, so it is suitable for metal detection in rivers or beaches.

2- The device has 9 different sensitivity modes, so it is able to detect the smallest targets.

3- It has a bright spotlight that provides excellent lighting conditions at night.

4- The device has a self-stop system, as after 5 minutes of stopping detection, the device will give an alert, and after another five minutes it will stop by itself, and this saves a lot of energy.


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