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We need to use metal detectors for these reasons

We need to use metal detectors for these reasons

We need to use metal detectors for these reasons

First: How metal detectors work:

Metal detectors work by giving some indications of the distance, and with increasing proximity to the metal, the tone begins to rise in the earpiece, or the needle of the device may move more. The metal detector produces a magnetic field when it is located above a metal object to determine through this the circuit in which this metal object is located.


Second: Uses of metal detectors:

Metal detectors are multi-use devices that can be used in many practical and useful applications, such as:

* Maintaining security at airports:

Metal detectors are used to control security at airports by employing them as a metal detector gate that all passengers pass through before boarding the plane.


* Security control in buildings:

Metal detectors are also used here to maintain security and in the form of metal detection gates, as all visitors coming to the building are required to pass through these gates during their entry.


* Search for lost items:

Thanks to the ease of use of metal detectors, anyone can simply use one of them to search for a lost piece of jewelry or any other valuable lost metal object.


* Detecting antiquities and artifacts:

Metal detectors are employed by experts in such fields in searches for minerals of historical importance.


* Geological explorations:

Metal detectors can be used to conduct geological investigations on both soil and rocks.


* Industrial Metal Detection:

Metal detectors are already used in the search for industrial metals that are used in the fields of food and pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well as those used in packaging and other industries that require metals.


Third: Definition of metal detectors:

It can be said that metal detectors are an electronic tool that is used to detect the presence of metals nearby. Metal detectors are useful in finding metallic inclusions hidden in metal objects or objects buried under the soil.


Fourth: Metal detector components:

These devices most often consist of a portable unit with a sensor that can penetrate the ground or other objects. And if the sensor is near a piece of metal, the device shows it by changing the tone emitted by it in the ear-buds, or some devices may include a needle that moves on the pointer if the metal detector approaches a metal.


Fifth: Types of metal detectors:

These devices vary, depending on the different technology that the device uses. It can be said that metal detectors are divided into three technologies:

First, low-frequency technology

Second, magnetic pulse induction technology

Third, the oscillatory pulses technique.


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