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Learn about the components of metal detectors

Learn about the components of metal detectors

Learn about the components of metal detectors

Metals detector

It is an electrical device that can determine the presence of metals near it. The metal detector is useful for finding objects containing metals, or metallic objects buried underground. Metal detectors are often installed from a portable unit that contains a sensor, with which metals can be detected by scanning the ground or other objects.

If the sensor comes close to a piece of metal, the tone changes in the speakers, or a needle move in the pointer. The device often indicates the distance or the proximity of the distance as a stronger tone is issued in the speakers when the distance from the metal object is close to the metal detector, or the needle jumps higher in the pointer.

Another common type of metal detector is the fixed metal detector, through which people pass and which is used for security monitoring at entry points in prisons, courts, airports, and some hotels to detect metal weapons in a person’s body.

How do metal detectors work?

You may be of limited knowledge and science in the field of metal detection and treasure hunting, and even if you are a professional gold prospector, most likely you do not know exactly how your metal detector works.

It is not complicated, but there are scientific principles that show how a metal detector works, and this information can be useful to you during your exploratory trips to search for treasures and precious metals.
We will explain here with a general and simplified explanation of how metal detectors work using simple terms and language understandable to non-specialists in this field.

Of course, if you have a device with advanced technology or a specialist, there will be a lot of details and complications that we will not address, as the technology of metal detectors at present is very complex and sophisticated.

The four basic components of any metal detector are:

-The arm, which is the main part of the device, to which the rest of the components and parts are connected, and usually its length can be adjusted according to the user’s convenience
-The stabilizer and this part of the device that makes it comfortable to use as it acts as an armrest and it stabilizes and balances the device and reduces vibration during the search process
– The control box, which is considered as the brain of the device, and contains the battery, control keys, settings, processor, screen, and internal speakers
– The search coil, which is the bottom part of the device that you move above the ground, and serves as an antenna that contains important electrical coils for the device to be able to detect metals underground

Working principle:

While the detectors can be complex, the principle of their operation is fairly simple. The metal detectors send or broadcast a magnetic field and then analyze it when it is received again after bouncing from the ground in the broadcast area.
Within the search coil, there are two electric coils, one of which works as a transmitter and the other as a receiver, where the first coil transmits and propagates a magnetic field generated by the electric current passing through the coil.

This generated magnetic field, which is transmitted, will cause an electric current to flow within the metal objects that come into contact with this field, while the second coil (receiving) determines the difference between the transmitted (generated) magnetic field and the receiving field after hitting the metal object that absorbs part of The resulting electric current, while the rest of the electric current forms a magnetic field with lower energy, due to the receiving coil, which calculates the difference between the two fields transmitted and the receiver. to the head, and the weaker the receiving magnetic field is, the weaker the audible sound.
The above can be summarized as follows: one coil sends a magnetic field, and the second coil receives the inverted field, detects the difference, and sends a signal to the control box to issue an audible alert.


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