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Tips and tricks for metal detecting 2022

Tips and tricks for metal detecting 2022

What is a metal detector?

A metal detector is an electrical device that can detect the presence of metals nearby. Metal detectors vary and their classifications vary according to a set of factors and technical features and according to the country of manufacture and brand and many other factors. The metal detector often consists of a portable unit that contains a sensor with which the metal detector can scan the ground or other objects. If the sensor comes close to a piece of metal, the tone changes in the speakers, or a needle move in the pointer. The device often indicates the distance or the proximity of the distance as a stronger tone is issued in the speakers when the distance from the metal object is close to the metal detector, or the needle jumps higher in the pointer.

There are types of metal detectors, and another common type is the fixed metal detector, through which people pass and which is used in security monitoring at entry points in prisons, courts, airports, and some hotels, to detect metal weapons in a person’s body.

The earliest commercial metal detectors were developed in the 1960s and were widely used in prospecting and other industrial applications. The uses include (weapons detection – demining – geophysical prospecting – treasure hunting).


The most important tips about metal detectors

Getting help for the first time:

If this is the first time to use a metal detector, it is important to seek help from someone who is an expert or has previous experience in using this type of device. And follow the instructions carefully, to get a result during the process of using the device.



It is one of the most important steps that may make it easier for the holder of an important metal detector, for example, the prospector must try the device on different types of metals, and record notes if the device makes distinctive and different sounds from other objects, some devices emit sounds that differ according to the different metal body.


Training the ear to hear the alert sound

It is important to train your ears to hear different signals sound.  This is the essence of this career. When your ears are well accustomed to the sounds, the prospecting process becomes easier and clearer and the results are quick, and this is also due to practice. When you train well on the device and give great focus to your ears to distinguish between gold, iron, silver, and other metals, things become less difficult

The earth is full of metals and foreign objects, and it makes no sense to stop at every signal that the device passes over, while when you have the necessary auditory skill, you will know that this sound or this warning that the device made clear is not important to you, because you are looking for a specific object with a specific sound waiting for you, Auditory skill is very important in the process of metal detection.


Organized search

Before starting the search process, if the place to be searched is flat land, the prospector or the device holder must divide the land in an organized and studied manner, for example by dividing the land into sectors and searching in each sector separately, in order not to fall into doubt and confusion, Organizing the plot of land and dividing it in an orderly manner facilitates the excavation process and makes the prospector in a state of satisfaction because he knows very well where he should start and that he should end.


Use special headphones

There are special metal detector headphones that can be used. Practitioners and prospectors need to use headphones, and they are very important in accurately identifying the target to be searched for. Certainly, many factors cause disturbance to the sound of the device, such as wind sounds, ambient air, radios, etc., the headphone may make the prospector or practitioner He searches for his target accurately and with better focus.


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