All you need to know about metal detectors in Airports

All you need to know about airport metal detectors

All you need to know about airport metal detectors

All technological developments of the twenty-first century have increased the need for metal detectors. Not only that, but with guns becoming more and more available to everyone, metal detectors are becoming a must. Their main purpose is to increase our safety or the safety of certain individuals. Although it can cause inconvenience at times, sometimes it is necessary.

Today’s security detectors are able to accurately detect the presence of many modern weapons (usually firearms or knives and other metallic quarrel weapons). However, the user of these must also have knowledge of their drawbacks, so they must be trained in advance on how to use them. Detection doors do not do all the work themselves, and sometimes detection of dangerous items depends on a trained operator. Even setting that aside, it greatly increases the chances of discovering hidden weapons. Finding an unwanted item should not be a problem for these pieces of technology.


Efficiency and disadvantages of airport metal detectors :

Metal detectors have shown some flaws and inefficiencies over time. For example, they are really ineffective if they are used in purses or bags. A large number of items can be found in suitcases and similar bags that can set off false alarms, usually due to the presence of some substance in them or of which they are part. While most people think that metal detectors are only devices used to detect harmful metals only. People also think that heavy or heavier objects are more likely to sound the alarm. But the metal detector actually detects any type of conductive material, which means the detector detects which material will conduct an electric current. The metal detector effectively scans for suspicious materials by generating a magnetic field. So, the size and shape of conductive objects is what these objects are actually looking for, and the mass of the object is practically irrelevant.


Daily need

Security detectors are sometimes a really important part of people’s lives. For example, because schools are often under threat, detectors can at least reduce the risk of fatal harm to students. Surveys show that more than half of school principals feel these systems are useful at least to some extent, and a third of them say metal detectors help reduce violent crime. Several school administrators also said that they are also helping to reduce drug crime in the school. Some studies also show that students in schools with metal detectors were more likely to report abuse than those in schools without them. Hallway detectors play a big role in detecting students and dangerous weapons in schools.


Questions about airport metal detectors :

Metal detectors have also raised some health safety questions. There are a few myths that indicate that it is dangerous or radioactive. This is a common misconception, as metal detectors, even portable ones, are no more dangerous than a TV or other electrical home appliance. People usually mistakenly believe that security detectors use x-rays to detect metals, just like airport baggage scanners, but this is not true. It emits only a low-frequency electromagnetic field, which is considered safe, even for pregnant women and children. As mentioned above, people are exposed to this electromagnetic energy every day in their homes. It is true that some airports use X-ray body scanners instead of (or in combination with) metal detectors, but the brackets themselves do not emit X-rays or expose anyone to this type of radiation. Even heart patients who use pacemaker-type devices are not at risk when passing through them.

On the other hand, companies that manufacture or sell metal detectors usually do their best to ensure that their products are safe to use. They conduct deep and extensive research to find any indications of danger that may be caused by these systems. After all, every modern country has safety standards that must be met in order for the product to be released for public use.


History of airport metal detectors

Airport metal detectors are widely used in airports as a security measure. There are two types of metal detectors used in airports. The most common is a metal detector. The second is handheld scanners. These are used as an additional security measure when the metal detector beeps at the individual.

It began to be implemented at airports in 1972, due to an increase in aircraft hijackings. These detectors were called magnetometers, and were originally used to find metal pieces in records. Old airport detectors were four or five feet tall; like a tunnel. There was initially some concern that the detectors emit harmful radiation, but after some research it was found that they delay as much radiation as a luminous dial in a watch.

The next concern was that airport reagents were in violation of the Fourth Amendment, which states that illegal searches and seizures may not be carried out. Courts decided it was a violation, but the FAA can continue to use security detectors at airports with two conditions. First, that searches should be carried out globally so that there is no discrimination, and second, that the search should be limited to weapons and explosives.


Quantum leap

A Finnish company called Outokumpu has modified a mining detector that is still contained in a large cylindrical tube in a commercial detector. One of the spin offs of this company was Metor Detectors, which developed systems in the rectangular shape that is now seen in airports today. In 1995, an airport security detector was developed that can determine the length of the detected metal, allowing security personnel to find the object more quickly.

Security was increased at US airports shortly after the September 11 attacks. After that, people were no longer allowed to meet incoming flights at the gate, and all security procedures were required to be handled by federal personnel. By this time, all baggage was sent through x-ray scanners, and all passengers were required to pass through metal detectors. Airport metal detectors are becoming more sensitive and able to pick up small pieces of metal.

Airport detectors are vital in protecting passengers, aircraft, and airline employees because they detect weapons hidden in the body of individuals. The two types used in airports are hand sticks and metal detectors. What began as a tool for finding nails left in tree trunks was developed as a security measure for airports and other public buildings. Today security systems are used worldwide in airports, government office buildings, sports centers, as well as other high security buildings. It is especially important at airports because of the large presence of people, which makes airports a prime target for terrorists. 


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