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How To Make a Gold Detector More Powerful

How To Make a Gold Detector More Powerful

Metal detection has become a profession for many people and is no longer just a hobby that a person resorts to in their spare time. For this purpose, many explorers and researchers have purchased gold and metal detectors of different shapes and sizes. Of course, these devices are constantly changing and updating throughout the year. But is there a way in which you can take advantage of the gold detector to the maximum? And make it more powerful and effective no matter what kind? Of course it is possible! Below we will review the most important methods and tips that make the gold detector more powerful.


1- Use the gold detector on wet ground:

There are many people who prefer to practice metal detection and gold prospecting on sunny days and dry soil and stay away from rainy days and wetlands, but they miss out on a lot of benefits! As wetlands allow gold detectors to go deeper and allow signals to reach places deeper than the dry soil, and this of course means the possibility of detecting more treasures! But it must be noted that this applies only to devices intended for use on wetlands, so it must be checked before starting work.


2- Check the battery:

You must make sure that the battery of your metal and gold detector is charged, as you will notice that when the battery charge is low, your device will not be able to detect targets that it was able to detect in the past. And definitely try to keep a spare battery with you in case of any emergency.


3- Use headphones:

Your use of the headphones along with the gold detector will have a major role in improving the results as the headphones contribute to isolating all external sounds and thus giving you a higher degree of focus and this is what allows you to listen well to the signals from the gold detector and pick up weak sounds that you may not normally notice.


4- Update the programming of the gold detector:

By updating the gold detector system, you can benefit from many additional features and thus improve the quality and effectiveness of your device. This is done simply by visiting the device’s company website and updating the version. But it should be noted that this feature is available for some devices and not for all.


5-Use the correct coils:

You can change a lot in the metal detector by changing the coils only, as there are many types, some of which are intended to increase the depth of the device, and others make it more sensitive to specific types of metals. Of course, you must search for the types and sizes that are compatible with your device before purchasing. In general, large coils are intended to reach greater depths and areas, while small coils will make your device more sensitive to small things.


6- Adjust the settings:

When using metal detectors suitable for beginners, it is okay to stay on the settings and default settings until you gain experience in this field. And then it is necessary for you to adjust the settings in accordance with the existing conditions and the device you are carrying in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit.


7- Don’t forget to see the user manual:

The user guide attached to the gold detector is very important and necessary in order to understand the sections of the device and its mechanism of work, and thus know how to use it in the best way to detect precious treasures and achieve the best results!

Your commitment to these tips and their application will change your search results dramatically and you will definitely feel the difference!


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